Detroit Pissed on the Lakers

Pistons Lakers Basketball

The Lakers started looking human again on Friday night, clocking their first loss of the season at the hands of the new-era Pistons in a game that was, quite frankly, a little (very) disappointing. I’m sorry, but when the starting lineups include names like Bryant, Gasol, Bynum, Prince, Wallace, Hamilton, and Iverson, I expect a little intensity, flair, and some freaky scoring moves.

Iverson ran red-hot for the first quarter, and Bynum pulled down a ridiculous amount of offensive rebounds in the same period. In fact, most of the starters had a quarter in which they excelled – Gasol assisting his pants off in the second quarter, Stuckey unstoppable in the third – but nobody but Prince was consistent for the duation. As a result, the match never seriously threatened to become exciting, and Detroit held the Lakers at arms length with apparent ease. Tayshaun Prince was a revelation though, and seems to have found his role alongside Iverson, who was skinning his defenders all night and kicking out to open shooters. Rasheed Wallace was the primary long-range punisher, maniacally grinning his way to 4 from 9 beyond the arc.

Pistons Lakers Basketball

Only one true standout moment – Kobe (29 points on the night on a 12 of 30 FG shooting display/debacle) with the impossible alley oop finish from a pretty ambitious Gasol pass:

More of that next time please.

– Justin Warren



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3 responses to “Detroit Pissed on the Lakers

  1. Henry Oliver

    The reasons to dislike Kobe are as obvious as they are numerous – and if you haven’t seen him play in a while it’s easy to forget what all the fuss is about. But when you see a dunk like that it all comes flooding back. That little pause at the height of his jump is a small reminder of Kobe’s genius.

  2. danny

    Both teams’ spacing in the first quarter was the prettiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Also, I’ll watch Thunder/Bobcats if Hubie Brown is on the mic….

  3. richard

    yep, hubie is very insightful. jeff van gundy can be as well, but i’m not a huge fan of his.

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