Munster Revisited

It often seems to me that Rugby is a little lost amongst the glitz and glamour of professional sports. The contemporary entertainment economy seems too much, has gone too far, for this game. It’s meant to be the game of good, honest, hard-working men from rural ex-colonies and it’s somehow been turned into a sport of men that look like a cross between a super-hero and a hairdresser.
The commentators in today’s game often talked about “what it used to be like” and the “old times” and surprisingly, much of their nostalgia rang true. Though a modern professional team like anyone else, Muster played like a Rugby team from a by-gone era. Until the final minutes they held on to a slim lead like desperate men, savouring the opportunity to live their passions before returning to the farm or the office or the building-site the next day. It was a joy to see.

– Henry


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  1. I agree, the principal attraction of rugby was its very otherness, the degree to which it was different from all else we watched. The freaking game was amateur – amateur! – 15 years ago. But these tight uniforms and PR-drilled players and the exclusion of good teams like Argentina from international competitions; all this stuff wears you down.
    The game is caught on the cusp, not slick enough to work in that hi-gloss entertainment world that certain sectors of it aspire too, but no longer the guts and glory of old. So you’re right, it was great to see glimpses of it through the modern fog this morning.

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