Morrow the Same

A couple posts back I philosophised about undrafted rookie Anthony Morrow’s 37 point explosion against the Clippers. I was pretty excited by the fact we caught the high point of a players basketball life.  Surely never to be repeated, but celebrated all the same for its rarity. A one off blip in what might be, if we are lucky, a solid career.

Well, maybe I was wrong. Morrow followed his 37 point performance with a highly impressive 25 point haul against Portland… How is this happening?!? How can a player perform better in the NBA than in the lesser levels of college and high school? Perhaps Morrow has entered the perfect system for his talents – a purely serendipitous coincidence. Or maybe this is just an exceptional and extraordinarily extended hot streak. Or maybe he’s actually the real deal. I’ll stop talking. I don’t want to jinx this. This is really good. Let’s just keep watching.

Here’s highlights of his first 37 point performance, if you haven’t seen it:

And here’s the Portland performance:


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2 responses to “Morrow the Same

  1. great performance, but an amazing team, those feeds he was getting under the basket were next level. great up court site too.
    tram to watch, them and the Rockets. Watched T’Mac and Houston destroy Nash, O’Neil and the Suns a few weeks ago.

    Great TV.

  2. henryoliver

    Man, I am loving this guy. It’s one thing to post numbers like that against the worst team in the league, but Portland? Nothing to sniff at. I Bet that guy’s picture is up now on ESPN.

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