Kody: A Dead Ball Icon

Why do we watch sports? It’s not a question you can answer simply, there are a thousand cultural and innate responses to it, but I believe the thing that has made professional sport society’s most loved diversion from life is the outcome. Or, more specifically, the fact that the outcome is not scripted, is written live before our eyes, the way frailties and strengths are revealed and magnified in front of a thousand cameras.

And the way, very occasionally, you see something so unexpected, so utterly fantastic that it makes up for any number of dull processions. This is where Kody comes in. He had, quite frankly, embarrassed himself. To step up to the big stage and perform so shoddily defies belief. To all who were watching, it was a classical debacle, this scion from a family of brilliant athletes conniving new ways to shame them with every approach. All that remained was to close it out, then try to forget, slip away from the sport and find some new reason to exist. Kody, though, had other plans, as you can see…

What an athlete. What an effort. Kody, Dead Ball salutes you.

– Duncan Greive



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2 responses to “Kody: A Dead Ball Icon

  1. The great thing about Kody, and maybe something I failed to note, in my quest to ham-fistedly disguise his true identity/species, was that he’s clearly just doing it for the fun of it. The way he tip-toes up the side at his first attempt, his whole body language and demeanour are that of a pup oblivious to the drama unfurling around him. Then he goes out and wins with the biggest leap of his career. You’ve got to think that some of that comes from just having a clear mind going into that last jump, with nothing to lose. That, plus a superb throw from his trainer, who had been outta control on the first two attempts (shouting like a madman, seriously). Then it all came together…

  2. David

    I couldn’t think of a more appropriate athlete to salute as our first Deadball icon. Not enough can be made of the moment when he decided “screw my trainer, I’m winning this on my own.” Inspirational.

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