Guest Post: Gilbert Shoots (from the Sideline), and Misses (On Purpose)


“I don’t want to see them struggle, but if this is one of those years where we don’t make the playoffs or we finish in last place… that’s what happened to San Antonio and that’s how they got Tim Duncan and look at them now… and that’s for the better.” — Gilbert Arenas.
Although mild by Gilbert’s exceptional standards, these comments late last week from the (permanently) injured DC legend caused widespread concern to Wizards fans in the nation’s capital. Although nobody has come out and accused the Wizards of intentionally losing, or tanking, to try and end up in last place to ensure a top draft pick, anyone who has witnessed any of the multiple collapes this season could be excused for having some doubts.

So it’s comforting to know that Agent Zero has our backs and is looking after his team’s best long term interests. Starting the season 1-10 gives them a good shot, although Oklahoma City at 1-13 is still beating them at losing. Now that coach Eddie Jordan has just been fired without a permanent replacement, I’m hoping that the uncertainty will translate into a few more losses, which combined with Gil’s (and half the other starters) legendary injury layoffs will give them an unassailable lead in the losing race.
The only problem with this tactic is that next year’s draft is apparently very talent thin, with not a Tim Duncan or LeBron James in sight. So Wizards fans won’t be able to sit through a crap season like the Cavs did a few years back safe in the knowledge that a young LeBron would soon make everything alright.
At least we still have Gil.


– Grader (Washington DC)


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One response to “Guest Post: Gilbert Shoots (from the Sideline), and Misses (On Purpose)

  1. Bryan

    the guy have struggled a lot to get there but the its very depressing that the guy have missed out after the struggle… but it happens… keep the spirit up

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