Lowe Blow


For those of you who didn’t catch this, Graham Lowe has evoked the most offensive moment in NZ vs. Australian sporting history to reprimand Ricky Stuart’s frankly embarrassing post-finals whinge-fest. That’s right, the underarm bowl. The comparison might be an exaggeration-  like when people draw Hitler mustaches on John Key billboards.  He might be cutting welfare, you may think he’s an idiot,  but he’s not advocating mass extermination. Despite his hyperbole, it’s good to see Lowe is speaking his mind – we need more of that in sports. I’d rejoice if I heard any member of the All Blacks personel say anything close to this provocative. The last I remember was when Aaron Mauger implied racism was a problem in Twickenham.  Let’s lose the talking points All Blacks!

Stuart has behaved like a spoilt child, having a tantrum after losing his footing on the jungle gym. His accusation of conspiracy is ridiculous. But… one thought comes to mind, and it’s not pretty.  Maybe New Zealand shouldn’t throw too many stones. Remember the 1995 World Cup? You know… the whole food poisoning conspiracy?  Laurie and the mysterious Suzie? Nah… it’s completely different. Absolutely. Yep, it’s different. That was the greatest All Blacks team of my life time, they were sick as dogs.  

Anyway, this whole thing takes away from that remarkable and historic Kiwi victory.  Which is why we should just ignore Stuart.

– David


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