Liveblogging: Breakers vs. Wildcats

While we’re finishing up our epic Panmure basketball victory*, guest blogger Niki will reluctantly provide profound insights into this intriguing matchup. She’s not a huge ball fan (actually she kinda hates it), so be gentle. We’ll be back soon (UPDATE: by midway through the second quarter).

Hi! Ok the game just started.  Its the wildcats vs breakers and of course we’re going for the breakers but

ok there’s already been 5 points scored by wildcats, oh no hold on, 8. the breakers have got 2 and now I think they must have a penalty for the breakers……but they missed. So 8 to 2 at the moment.

Ok 2 more points scored by the breakers, and wow another 3! so now the score is 8 to 7 to the wildcats.

The wildcats have quickly scored 4 more points, it’s quite hard to type fast enough to keep us with the points, I really hope the buys get home soon. Ok now they just got 2 more so now they are on 14 and the breakers must have got 2 more as well so the score now is 14 to 9.

Ok the wildcats got one in but they don’t get any points because it was a foul I think.

Awesome – 3 points to the breakers and I’m pretty sure it was Phill Jones that got it in.  Score is 14 to 12.

WC scored a 3 but then breakers just got one in too. It was a “reverse lay up” score 17 to 14 and there’s about 5 minutes to go until the quarter is up.

I’m really sorry about this terrible reporting but they are going so fast and I don’t really understand basketball.  Somehow the score is now 25 to 19 (Wildcats leading). 2.49 minutes to go.

Wildcats just got another 3 pointer in and apparently they are “on fire from the three point line”.  That seems true cause they have gotten a lot in and gosh they just got another one in! That takes their score up to 31 which is an 11 point lead!

Both teams score 2 points but WC maintain their 11 point lead.  7 seconds to go.

Right ok score at the end of the first quarter 35 to 22 – Wildcats are winning.  The boys promised they would be home by now so I really hope they will be here soon to take over.

Oh no they’re back already! surely they need more of a rest than that.

Ok the ref’s having a chat with the WC coach. WC’s are having a few free throws but I don’t know how they got them cause they just got started.  They got them both so they’re up to 37.

Right I definitely did not sign up for this – I was supposed to be doing this for 5/10 minutes max! so sorry about this but I’m doing my best. The Breakers have just scored 5 points so they have narrowed the gap to 10 points.

Ok and we’re back, Chuck Bass won in an absolutely incredible finish, 30-29 over a determined Shelton Blazers.

Wildcats are up up by 8, 43-35 with five to play in the 2nd.

OK Boucher to Henare back to Boucher then a bullet over the sideline. Maybe not the best pairing to be bringing it up court. Lovely guys and all, but y’know…

Rickert just missed a put-back dunk. Not as bad as missing a dunk, sure, but COME ON!! You’re a big dude – finish the job!

Crowd shot – Mother & daughter. Look like they’re having a good time. I can only assume that the Breakers Girls are doing their thing.

47-37 to the Wildcats. Penney misses the open jumper – commentators sat he’s struggling. I’ll have to take their word for it.

Phil Jones hits a three pointer. It could be his night. Next possession he misses a lay-up. Doesn’t look like his night.

Jones drives again. Blocked, but the ref calls a foul. Is Jones getting a bit cocky? Misses the first free throw. hits the second.

Ok, not meaning to criticise, but the Wildcats score just went up to 53 for 30 secs before coming back down to 49. Boucher’s pass picked off, he needs to tighten up. Wildcats 51-43, at the line for two after a PJ foul.

Makes one from two, but the Breakers are hungry, Boucher two offensive boards before Jones makes a neat post move to score. Could’ve blown out to double figures, margin sits at 7 just prior to the half.

Someone just pushed PJ in the middle of his pretty face, but they somehow go to the line for two, Bruton replies with a coast-to-coast run, laying it in off a nice screen with 3 to play.

Awesome commentary: “According to my calculations they’re up by 8.” Entirely correct, Wildcats lead 55-47 at the half, but the Breakers are hanging on by the skin of their teeth, Penney’s having his worst game of the season by the looks of things, but this margin is well within reach of this current Breakers team.


Half time break – couldn’t understand a word of what the commentator was saying. He was not speaking English. Literally.

The difference appears to be the 3 point stats. Wildcats are shooting 50% from beyond the arc. Breakers are struggling from deep. We’re only down by 8 points though, and we all know how the Breakers like to close out games. This one is far from over…

Is it just me, or do the Breakers only have the rights to two songs?

Kirk Penney has definitely, not, we repeat NOT cut his hair. Thank God. Rickert’s on the line, hit bits both, margin’s back to six. We look up for this.

Penney’s did one of his classic drive’s then uncharacteristically dished, and the ball goes out. The bear hits a three though, so it’s back to five 57-52… Penney’s down but the rest of the team are stepping up.

Dave says:”If we win this gamr, we wil win the championship.” He’s been watching game for 1.50sec. Not that we’re casting doubt on his judgement or anything. Commentator just mistook Bruton for Penney. Easy mistake to make. Bruton’s going to the line for two. I think you know what that means.

Margin’s back to three, 57-54, the Breaker’s are hustling, you know how that goes. But they’re pounding Penney, he’s frustrated as hell. There’s something wrong with him, but the rest of the team are still doing it, Rickert hits two from a post move to pull it back to one, 57-56.

Penney with a nice drive to his right. He’s really working for every shot. His field goal is UP to 16%. Geez.

Breakers take lead! Fundamental Rick Rickert layup. Wildcats time out! We’re rattling them! Bring it! Breakers have outscored these guys 13-4 this half. I said if the breakers win this , they’ll win the the championship. I’m serious. This is a game we need to win. Penny is struggling, and we’re getting muscled up. It’s about character, this game.60-59 to Breakers.

Wide open layup for wildcats. 3 pointer for wildcats. Foreman 3! A frantic pace. Seriously, sometimes our defense makes the Suns look like a five man Bill Russel roster. But damn, we can score. Forman with another 3!

68-64 Breakers.

Rickert does it tough and draws a hard foul in the paint. I think I heard him make a swear word. There’s a lot of tension out there. Makes the first free throw. Misses the second. He’s sweating like crazy.

Henare is on the court. Anything could happen here. Forman misses a three, but Rickert takes the board and puts it in – the momentum of this match has completely swung. From 8 down at the half, to a 7 point lead with 3 to play in the 3rd quarter. Madness.

Nice comment Henry. Niki is very happy is looking forward to the wedding.

Penney catches, shoots, 3 points.

It’s 27-11 to the Breakers since the half!!

74-66 Breakers, this is the way they play at the moment, redolent of Baldwin-era Tall Blacks, these spasms of points the opposition seem powerless to stop. The Bear’s on the line for two, misses the first; hits the second, 75-67. Incredible comeback.

20 seconds to play in the quarter, Hinson hits it to bring it back to a four point game, 75-71 Breakers, which is probably enough to keep Perth in it psychologically, but the fire the Breakers are bringing means it’s going to be tough to bring it back from here.

Some school kids are doing a haka. A camera shot of Jenny Shipley in the crowd. Poignent political comentry, Maori TV.

Wildcats score, they’re two points down. Time out breakers.

Scores are tied! Neither team seems willing to really take control here. Breakers back up with a shot-clock-buzzer-beater. There’s some quality play out there. Scores tied again – I can’t keep up!

Okay, Forman just hit another 3 pointer. The kid is now on 4 from 6. He’s a tall guy, and it doesn’t look right – but damn it, he knows how to make the long range shot. He’s picked up the slack left by Penney tonight. Someone had to, but I always expect it to be PJ. This is a pleasant surprise.

Rickert is at the line, shooting for the lead. Hits both, and it’ back to a one point lead for the Breakers. Penney only has 6 points in the game! WTF!! Hair looks better than ever though, so I can’t be too hard on the guy. He’s obviously been working hard on it during the week.

Rickert called for a pretty blatant travel in the paint, Breakers lost a little of their flow, someone needs to grab this, but every time they try and wrestle it away he Wildcats hit right back. Boucher called for a reach in, he’s got 5 on him now with 7 to play. Redhage misses first though, good foul.

Bruto hits a huge three. I bought his t-shirt two weeks back, fyi. Forman grabs a board and Bruton converts with a pull up jumper at the other end, they want this bad. 89-84 Breakers with 6 to play.

Forman tries some real un-Forman behind the back pass, looks horrible, result is horible. The Wildcats won’t quit, only three behind now. Somone needs to exterminate this vermin. PJ decides he’s the man for the job, hits a three, margin is six, Breakers lead 92-86 with four to play. Kara hates on the Breaker girls, but seriously, those are New Zealand’s finest women. It’s just jealousy run wild.

The Wildcat’s coach sounds like he’s swallowed Lockyer whole – Damn! After the WC timeout we hold them to a 24 second violation, and Bruton hits the two, then a steal, Jones hits the three and the margin is 12! The Wildcats travel and another timeout, this is phenomenal!

JONES HITS ANOTHER THREE! 100-88, they can score so savagely when they feel like it. If you believe Dave’s earlier pronouncement then this bodes well for the rest of the season. AND PHIL HITS ANOTHER. Up to 22 for the match now, most in the last quarter!


Technical foul on the Wildcats. They’re frustrated, and the coach must be blowing up deluxe. It’s a 14 point lead to the Breakers with 2 minutes left to play. A massive scoring blitz in the last 4 minutes. This is what makes the Breakers so great to watch. They must be the best closing team in the competition this season.

Duncan just said (about Phil Jones) “he could shoot a three into my net”. Don’t worry though, not gay… he quickly followed up by saying “if I was a lady”, and “you better not quote me Justin”. Shocking.

Wildcat player (don’t know who, don’t care) shoves Boucher in the back, hard.

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of this performance is that the Breakers have dominated the Wildcats without Penney. He has barely been on the court.

It’s over. 108-94. They keep cutting to Jenny Shipley in the crowd, our sexiest cheerleader. She’s the Jack Nicholson of the scene. “They’re a great team. They deserve to be on top.” – Hinson, then he walks off. This. Is. REAL.

OK, we’re at the Blaze on Saturday, against Gerard Way bka Shayne Heal. That’s the worst team in the league, so hopefully we can rehab Penney. Bruton, Jones, Rickert and Forman looked incredible tonight. Warm downs in the background, Dave wants to speak on this…


Ok, great game, the Breakers played like heroes. But, come on… let’s leave the warm-downs for behind closed doors. If I were a small child watching the game, any idolisation i had developed for these players would be lost the moment I saw them ‘lunge’ and do that weird cycle thing with their legs. Like seeing your dad strugle in a game of back ground cricket.  Athletes don’t do this. Heroes don’t do this. Let’s keep the mystery alive. I don’t need to see this.

…And we’re done. Thanks to the Breakers for coming through, Thanks to Niki for holding it together at the start, much appreciated. See you 3.30am Sunday morning for All Blacks vs. England. Justin and Dave on that one. And we’re out.

*We did win. Thank God! 30-29!



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2 responses to “Liveblogging: Breakers vs. Wildcats

  1. Henry

    Great job Niki! You’re a natural. And yes, I believe you have signed up for a whole life of this. Live-blogging is what a modern marriage is all about.

  2. Niki

    thanks henry, it was pretty much the worst 30 minutes of my life so I guess that makes it a good preview for married life.

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