He Didn’t Respect My Power: Not a Weekend Sports Round-Up


Is it just me, or has this been a slow weekend for sports news? I’m happy to admit that I’ve been far too busy partying with fashionable people and dining with intellectuals to take in much sporting action over the last two days, but have I missed out on something amazing? Please let me know.

We watched two sessions of the Auckland v West Indies match yesterday at the Eden Park outer oval, and despite the match producing 974 runs for the loss of just 12 wickets, it wasn’t exactly a riveting spectator experience. The hot chips were cold, and there was a odour near gate 29 that could best be described as rotting-corpse-like. Our sun umbrella wouldn’t stay up, and I got chocolate brownie for lunch when I asked for zesty lemon slice. All in all, literally not very good.   I did manage to catch the TV3 News sports bulletin tonight, and after something about the golf in Australia and a 5km rowing race in Wanganui, I just kind of switched off and got sidetracked by news on the internet of a Ghostbusters Playstation game being released in June 2009.


Speaking of being slimed, the Michelle Hewtison interview with Kirk Penney in the Weekend Herald was a complete waste of an opportunity to get inside the mind of an athlete who has played a global sport at the top level. Not to mention the glaring omission of any meaningful reference to Penney’s hair – there was hair-talk, but the context was inaccurate and, quite frankly, racist.  Deadball is going to fully dissect the interview in the coming week, so stayed tuned for the results of the autopsy.


This was interesting though:

They’re calling it a night that almost certainly ended an era in the sport of boxing. It was the result I wanted though, and like the Chicago Sun Times says “at least De La Hoya got what he wanted – paid”.

– Justin


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