The Goal Felt Like An Ocean


Celebrate! How good has this NBA season been so far? Very good.  Lebron is carrying his team, Kobe is passing to his team and Boston are defending their championship like a jealous girlfriend. Oh, and Wade has comeback like a soap character left for dead, only to reemerge six months later – all mysterious and brilliant. So many legacies to be created this year. It’s like everyone has started to feel the cold hand of time upon them. We better prove something, quick.

Boston: You can’t just win one if you’re from Boston. It doesn’t count.

L.A : He’s great, but damn Kobe needs to win without Shaq.

Cleveland: Lebron might just be the greatest. Ever. (Also, think of all the merchandise he could sell with a championship!)

With all these giants of the game vying to write their names in the larger NBA narrative, it’s easy to miss the small and beautiful miracles happening around the league. New York is almost at .500, with basically a pickup team from your local YMCA. Oklahoma may be the worst team ever. But today offered up a real classic – Carmelo Anthony just scored 33 in a quarter. “The goal felt like an ocean”, damn straight it did Melo.

– David



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