Gully Creepin’

Usain Bolt’s WR victories in the 100m and 200m at this year’s Olympics in Beijing were second only to Michael Phelps’ eight (8! It still sounds totally unreasonable) gold medals in the pool. Phelps is a pretty great guy, who went up a bunch in my estimation after telling interviewers that he got himself psyched for performances by listening to Lil Wayne. That makes me wonder how he didn’t spend most of his performance trying to levitate, or semi-conscious… But I digress.

In addition to the outrageous, did-that-just-happen pace Bolt generated, it was his exuberance which shone. The fact that he could’ve broken 9.6 for the 100m had he not stopped to celebrate well before the finish, and, um, tied his shoelace makes me love him all the more.

Jacques Rogge whinged mightily about his celebrations, and justifiably got hammered for it, so watching Bolt perform the Gully Creepa, after each victory probably made him doubly sick.

The Gully Creepa is a Jamaican dance whose creator, David Alexander Smith, better known as Ice, has just become one of the 1500 or so annual murder victims in Kingston.

He’s the second prominent member of the Black Roses crew to fall this way after Bogle in 2006, but due to Elephant Man’s song of the same name and Bolt’s ridicuously cool renditions in front of the world’s billions, Ice will be remembered.

– Duncan

PS – If after all that heaviness you need to shake it off with some exercise, Elephant Man’s got just the thing for you*

* Thanks to Brendan for the tip on this.


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