DeadBall Awards 2008


As the year draws to a close we here at DeadBall decided we’d honour the occasion with our own crappy awards system, just like every other crummy institution. They’ll go out from tomorrow or the day after, hangovers permitting, and we’re aiming for one a day until they’re all finished sometime in the middle of January. We’re posting the categories below; if you’ve nominees for any of them you think we might have missed (our standards of research are ridiculously low, it must be said) feel free to post them as comments.

Categories for the inaugural DeadBall Awards:

Best non-sports sports moment.
Comeback of the year.
Clutch play of the year.
Best sports photo of 2008.
Best sport scandal.
Greatest Game – across all sports, the most brilliant match we saw all year.
Biggest choke.
Moron of the Year.
Champ of the year.
RadioSport Personality of the Year.
Best comp.
Most dramatic moment.
Sheer genius award – A play or piece of driving or shot that defies belief.
One on One sports, best individual sporting match.
Best Hair in sports.

So yeah, we’ll post the winners and honourable mentions from tomorrow(ish) onwards. See you then, and happy New Year and all that.
– DeadBall



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4 responses to “DeadBall Awards 2008

  1. nillylooloo-la- lumpinkton

    Best interview.

    Is there a distinction for facial hair? or does this come into the general ‘hair’ category.

    Best looking.
    Most Stylish uniform.

    Bolt has to win sheer genious award for the ‘slowing down’ 100 metres world record win – if its for a sinlge moment that is, rather than a collection of victories.

    Greatest moment of madness.

  2. deadball

    Those are all excellent suggestions, and at least one will make it into the running. Apologies for the delay, the first one will go up when half of DeadBall returns to Auckland, home of the less crappy broadband connection, this afternoon.

  3. Mark

    Greatest game- Nadal/Federer at Wimbledon.
    Moment of genius- As much as Bolt and Phelps are amazing, I’m leaning on Tiger at the US Open.
    Scandal- Marion Jones.
    RadioSport- I’m gunning for Matt.
    Most dramatic- If not Tiger again, then Hamilton winning the championship on the last corner.
    Comp- The Olympics.
    Champ of the year- Bolt/Phelps.
    Comeback- The Kiwis in the World Cup, from getting a hiding from the ‘roos in the first game to administering their own in the final.

  4. Tom

    Best game: can you go past the superbowl?

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