DeadBall Awards: The Best Sports Photo of 2008

Winner: Welshman Attempts To Decode Nonu’s Beauty,  November 22


 Tightened for fear of misplaced verbalisation, his lips do not move, as if words would crack the fragile beauty of the occasion.  Instead, he breathes slowly through his nose. His hair is reflected in the splendor of Nonu’s glorious and noble mop.  His eyes?  A  picture of  longing. This photo, taken on November 22 by Deadball photojournalist Duncan, is framed like a soap opera. Positioned over Nonu’s shoulder, it perfectly captures the drama of the moment. The moment, if you haven’t figured, is the unprecedented post-haka stand-off between Wales and the All Blacks.  Even the players were unsure how to navigate this situation and the photo illustrates the awkward bravado of the years top theatrical sporting display.  It was summed up best by Duncan at the time, ” (t)hat’s Nonu he’s staring at, trying to decode his beauty, and failing, as we all do, eventually”. 

Honourable Mention: Rod Latham , December 4

A very bad photo of a photo of Rodney Terry Latham.

Found in a secret corner of the google images universe, this photo portrays the Deadball icon as we remember him  – distant, blurred but triumphant all the same. It’s a picture of childhood memory and a tribute to the unheralded sporting legends we keep alive through common reminiscence.

Honourable Mention: David Asleep On The Couch, November 30


This unflattering photo was taken during the liveblogging of the England vs. All Blacks and is embarrassing. Which is why we put it up. In his defense, it’s common knowledge that both Tracy McGrady and lions sleep 89 percent of the time, as does he.

– Deadball



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3 responses to “DeadBall Awards: The Best Sports Photo of 2008

  1. As pleased as I am that two of the three best sports photos of the year belong to me, I have to correct you on one point. The image of Rod Latham is in fact a camera phone photo of a photo of him from a DB Cricket Annual from the very early ’90s. One of my many New Years Resolutions, and perhaps the most likely to be actioned, is to buy a scanner.

  2. David

    My bad – that would explain the artistic blur I am (clearly) so fond of. Nice work.

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