DeadBall Awards: The Sexiest Moment in Sports 2008


Winner: Scott Dixon for Got Milked at the Indianapolis 500.

A pretty close one this year, with LeBron and Nicole’s sexually charged Nike ad giving Scott Dixon a real run for his money. He must’ve thought he had it wrapped up after a shameless ‘self-milking’ in front of a global audience of millions… maybe billions. LeBron gave it real shot though – check out the clip below – let down only by Nicole Scherzinger, a woman who is actually kind of hot until you look at her. If it had been Nicole Kidman in her place, then who knows, we may have had a different result.

In the end though, Dixon’s performance over the Indy 500 weekend, (he qualified in pole for crying out loud) culminating in what some are calling ‘The Milking of the Decade’, had to win. The photos say it all.

– DeadBall


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