DeadBall: Caring for the Community





– Henry  (photos by Amber)



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6 responses to “DeadBall: Caring for the Community

  1. The game done changed. Where is that? It kinda looks like Grey Lynn, but I can’t see the playground in the background. Amazing work though man, and superbly photographed by Amber. This should be part of an ongoing series, DeadBall bringing nets to New Zealand.

  2. David

    This is awesome Henry – I can’t think of a more worthy cause to be associated with. Thank you. Also, I don’t think this is Grey Lynn… Where is it?

  3. Henry

    It’s the hoop down in Cox’s Bay Reserve down by my house. I am really into doing this all over the city. i am going to check on it later to see if the cable ties go the distance.

  4. richard

    good job – hoops don’t feel right unless they have nets. (there are at least two public outdoor hoops in wgtn that need nets.)

  5. kara

    This is the hoop by my place, I walked past it today and wondered where the net came from.. Awesome Henry!!

  6. Justin

    I always wondered why those green plastic bin things had wheels.

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