DeadBall Awards: Best Sport Scandal 2008

Honourable Mention: Underage Chinese Gymnast


The Chinese government doesn’t have the best relationship with the truth, what with the whole lip-syncing baby at the Olympic opening ceremony, the denial of Mao’s atrocities and so forth. So it shouldn’t really surprise anyone when allegations arose regarding the age of their gymnasts at the Olympic games. Particularly because the gymnasts in question all looked younger than a Wiggles fan. More disappointing, or scandalous, is the  reaction from the IOC  – which was less thorough than your average age check at Pak n’ Save. 

As a side note – questions have also risen regarding New Jersey centre Yi Jianlian’s age. People suggesting he’s older than his reported 21 years.

Honourable Mention: Sonny Bill Williams Pisses Off All Of Rugby League


This was a bizarre moment for everyone, but when Sonny Bill Williams left Sydney randomly to the tune of a $3 million contract in France, a little piece of Rugby League died . It was a major kick in the balls to the code, and a extremely ill-planned move by Sonny Bill. He was later voted Australia’s most hated man by the prestigious Zoo magazine and is apparently having a hard time in Toulon. Justice?

Winner:  FIA President Max Mosley’s Sadomasochistic Nazi Role Playing


If you wanted to create the  most perfect, bizarre and sick  tabloid story, the only way you could beat “Max Mosley’s sadomasochistic Nazi role playing orgy with five prostitutes” is to replace the words “Max Mosley” with “Barack Obama” and “five prostitutes” with “Sarah Palin”. Reported by the prestigious News of the World in March, following the discovery of a videotape,  this is actually a very, very sad , sick and unconfirmed (the Nazi part, not the orgy) story. But my gosh,  its a scandal alright. Tragic considering Mosley’s lineage – according to my in-depth research (wikipedia) Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels attended his parents wedding. Not cool.  Do you think he ever traded this secret with a friend?

Friend: I once had a crush on my best friends mum.

Max Mosley: Yeah man, that’s pretty bad. It’s cool, I won’t tell.

Friend: Thanks man. What’s your secret?

Max: Huh? Oh nothing. Doesn’t matter.

– David


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