The Skinny Post – Frat Party In South Beach!!

Freud would love where they put the Gator logo:


Thursday night in the US the College Football season climaxes in Miami with one of the best matchups all year, the Florida Gators v the Oklahoma Sooners. I wasn’t going to cover it because for some unknown reason SKY see fit to give you some very crappy advertorial Bowls (my highlight: the PappaJohns Pizza Bowl), but not the big enchilada.

When this is absolutely the game of the year.

So, between the shirtless frat boys doing beer bongs on Ocean Drive and 45 year old alumni greedily scanning the the escort ads on Craigslist Miami, there’s going to be a pretty good football game going on.

The Sooners are led by hirsute Heisman winner Sam Bradford, part Cherokee indian, all football god, who has already declared he will be in the NFL Draft next year. So, enjoy all this as much as you can Sam, because next year you might be a Detroit Lion or a St Louis Ram. You can count your signing bonus while eating turf on your 15th sack of each game.
Across from him is Gainesville’s living college football legend Tim Tebow.

Already a Heisman winner in ’07 and already a National Champion in ’06, he has the chance to win another Championship and still come back next year as a Senior to do it all over again. That’s very rare air.

And we never get tired of pics of his girlfriend, even if its the same pic:

Not bad for a good christian boy. Bear in mind, he may be choosing not to have sex with her.
Yep, that’ll make you play hard on Saturdays.

If you haven’t seen Tebow play he’s one of the most devastating runners to ever be a big school Quarterback.
As a freshman he was Florida’s pound-it-in back (a la Mike Alstott/Jerome Bettis). Whenever Florida was within 20 yards or so it was ‘Tebow Time’. He’s not particularly quick, but bringing him down takes a hell of a lot of effort.
As his throwing ability has developed, and boy has it developed, he’s become a serious weapon in a well coached, well recruited team. His career in the NFL is iffy because unlike Bradford, he’s not a perfect pocket passer.
But if the more open college game is his peak, he’s certainly making it one all his own.

On the coaching sidelines are two men who will one day either be in the College Football Hall Of Fame, or the NFL Hall Of Fame or both.
The oddly named Urban Meyer defines the modern cerebral sports coach.
He looks and behaves more like a 747 pilot than a football coach.

He also has a legendarily hot daughter with good Hollywood connections:

Meanwhile the sneakily good Bob Stoops is from the ‘good ol’ boy’ school of coaches. The kind of guy who values his tee times and several cold ones after the game.
His mentor was THE Ol’ Ball Coach Steve Spurrier, who is straight out of the Dukes of Hazzard. Some of that Spurrier charm rubbed off, and Stoops is one of the most popular coaches in the game.
His style of football isn’t often flashy, but gets the job done.
He rocks a nice visor too.

Who wins? Florida. But the way my picks are going that may have doomed them completely.
I am heading to Vegas this weekend to perform the mystic ritual of the drunken visit to the Bellagio Sportsbook just to change my luck.

– Mark Tierney


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