A Pivotal Moment: Celtics vs. Cavaliers


In a previous post I compared this year’s Celtics team to a jealous girlfriend.  They were defending their title with a fiery passion, mildly irrational paranoia and with Kevin Garnett picking on younger, prettier and strangely threatening girls  (or basketball players). The clip below of Garnett taunting Jose Calderon is a compelling example:

In other words, it’s been entertaining –  just like a bitchy cat fight. But also like a cat fight, it illustrates the inherent fragility and insecurity of the instigator. In hindsight perhaps the intensity of these Celtics was less bravado and confidence and more fear and desperation. As with declining dictatorships and insecure girlfriends, the severity and number of authoritative displays are in  direct correlation with their fear of losing power.

But to extend this already tired and mixed metaphor even further, the Celtics jealously might have finally pushed their lover away. The last two weeks have been an unmitigated disaster – six losses out of the last eight games. The last three losses have been at the hands of such perennial titans as the Knicks, Bobcats and Rockets. This from a team many were picking to beat the Bulls record 71 win season.

It’s hard to point to why exactly the wheels have fallen off for the the Celtics, but most are pointing to the loss of bench player Posey who previously  served as the spirtual center of the Celtics non-starters. That may be why open speculation has arrisen regarding Stephon Marbury’s possible move to Boston as a backup point guard. When you start seriously thinking Marbury might help your team, your team is in trouble.  Big, horrible trouble.  Here’s some more:


Tomorrow Boston face Cleveland at home where Lebron – who is in danger of transcending all of sports – and teammates are undefeated. It is a pivotal moment in Boston’s season. If they beat Cleveland it will be pure rejuvenation, if they lose, substantiation of their deepest fears. Those fears – that they don’t have a bench, that James might just be good enough to beat any team anytime, that he might have developed the ability to make his teammates better, that they might just get one championship in a franchise history of multiple title teams – might just be too much to avoid.  Thanks to you Sky TV  for choosing to air the Dallas versus Suns game instead of this key preview to the Eastern conference finals. Nice work.

– David


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  1. Henry

    The thing that gets me about Garnett is that you never hear him mouthing off to worthy opponents, he’s always bitching out rookies and role-players. Yawn. And yeah, can’t wait to see that great game in a 1 min summary on espn.com. Yawn.

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