Ken Mink, The Future of Basketball?

Every so often a new player emerges who forces you to reach deep into the bag for new superlatives, and renders traditional criticism moot. Ken Mink is such a player. It’s tough to know where to begin, but his immaculate positioning, lightning fake and cool finish in the clip below will tell you all you need to know.

Ken Mink is 73 years old and playing college ball.

While the likes of Dikembe Mutumbo and Robert Parrish have played in the NBA til their ’40s, Ken Mink’s debut for Roane State at the age of 73 is something else again. The clip below from Knoxville news shows the guy looking a little slow, but he moves in all the right places and can dribble fine. His jumper still works too!

Obviously Roane State isn’t division one NCAA, and he’s getting limited minutes, but you have to admire the guy for following his dream. Over 50 years ago he was mysteriously kicked off his Lees College team after an incident involving shaving cream, joined the Air Force, and that should have been that.

Instead he found himself applying to tiny area colleges last year following shooting some hoops with his neighbour, and Roane State gave him a shot. And now he’s the oldest player in NCAA history, and in inspiration to us all. And, as one astute viewer commented, even at 73, “he’s still a few years younger than Greg Oden.”


– Duncan


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  1. Al

    My favourite line from the 2nd video: “If he starts partying, man there’s no way he’s gonna see court time here.”

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