All-MF-Star '09


The results are in. Here are the starting line-ups of the 2009 NBA All-Star game.

In the West:

Kobe Bryant (G)

Chris Paul (G)

Tim Duncan (F)

Amare Stoudemire (F)

Yao Ming (C)

And in the East:

Allen Iverson (G)

D-Wade (G)

LeBron James (F)

Kevin Garnett (F)

Dwight Howard (C)

Dwight Howard, the reigning Slam Dunk Champ, took the most votes ever with 3’150’181 over LeBron’s 2’940’823 and Kobe’s 2’805’297. Zen master Phil Jackson is coaching for the West too. Should be fun/weird/not-as-good-as-you-think-it-should-be.

– Henry


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One response to “All-MF-Star '09

  1. Duncan

    I was listening to the ESPN NBA podcast this morning (which I heartily recommend) on this, and they noted that Yao’s now in his sixth straight year as a starting All Star. Which they noted, without getting too intense on it, could mean a healthy Yao ends up with 10-15 All Star starts. Make of that what you will.
    Having the people vote for places is all well and good, but when the People’s Republic swells up with nationalistic pride it can skew things. Like Garnett got with 250,000 places of losing his spot to Yi Jianlian of the Nets, and T-Mac almost Chris Paul’s spot in the West because he’s a Rocket – Yao’s team-mates get mad flow-on votes.
    I’m personally a backer of the Halberg system whereby you put 30 sportswriters in a room and they make the decisions so the public don’t have to. Be heavily ironic if Chinese democracy ruined this thing going forward…

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