Collateral Damage


Dillon Boucher is not a basketball player. He is a force of chaotic and uncontrollable energy. Unlike almost any player before him, his game is nearly entirely void of skill, reliant only upon his own desire to belong where he most clearly does not – on the court, with skilled athletes. His game is sheer will power and energy. It is desperate and hungry.  This can be for the benefit of the Breakers; he creates a lot of turnovers, and not just from dribbling off his own foot. But in the end, like a powerful but uncontrollable weapon, their tends to be collateral damage. Tonight the Breakers were victims of Boucher’s unpredictable effect. Specifically, leading by four points with four seconds to go in the first half, Boucher reached to block the shot of Tigers player Anstey. He commited a foul. Nice hustle you might say. The only problem is that Anstey was shooting  a near three-quarter court shot that he had no chance of making. He sunk the three foul shots to help the Tigers go into the second half only down by one. Look at the girl on the far left, she sums up what everyone was thinking:


Tigers ended up winning 103-85 and I can’t help but thinking Boucher changed the whole game with this idiotic play. In a split second he showed desperation that no one leading should show, ill-discipline and lack of game smarts. How could the Tigers not think they were going to win after that? Don’t be too harsh on Boucher though, the Breakers surely know what they get with him, and it’s the only way he can survive in this league. Like a scavenger he must scrap for everything, no matter what type of garbage it is. Does it belong in professional sports? Maybe. Dennis Rodman was similar in the NBA. Surviving on tenacious defensive and a knack for finding rebounds. He was also prone to moments of complete self destruction. It’s not pretty, but sometimes you need it. Just expect some collateral damage every now and then.

– David



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4 responses to “Collateral Damage

  1. richard

    who is boucher’s current nba equivalent? eduardo najera?

  2. David

    Good question. There’s been a few over the years. I think the dreadlocked Brian Grant is probably a better example than Rodman in retrospect. But currently? Eduardo is not a bad comparison.

    Ben Wallace has Boucher’s complete lack of offensive ability, but seems more controlled on defense than Boucher. And currently he gets too little minutes to be considered. In a weird way Ginobili has that same out-of-control and chaotic flair, and has ruined the Spurs with turnovers on occasions, but is obviously too good to be compared.

    You might have it with Eduardo.

  3. For someone so void of skill you’ve got to admit that he’s done pretty well for himself . He was a member of the national team for what, like 7 years? First ever New Zealander to win an Australian NBL title (with Brisbane) and the he holds the most NBL title wins (8). Even how he ended up in the Tall Blacks is ridiculous, he didn’t make the team as a player, but he went to the 2001 Goodwill Games in China (I think) as a video analyst, and when Sean Marks had to withdraw from the team they threw Boucher on and he stayed in the squad from that day right up until his retirement last year. I totally agree that he does have a complete lack of offensive ability, and is horrible to watch but what does he have that makes coaches want him on their team?

  4. David

    Yes, that is the crazy thing about him, he has managed to not only survive, but win, in most teams he’s been in. Perhaps he serves as the ultimate example of determination and perseverance to players with more skill. But more than that, he must be a hell of a player to play against. He would be the ultimate frustrating player, if only because he has no right to be on the court. The more he starts to beat you, the more you lose your cool. If you have a guy like that on your team, you start to feel pretty good about your chances. I mean, just watching him do his thing on the court is almost inspirational. As in, if he can do it, what’s stopping me… at least I can make a lay-up.

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