Thinking of the Future

OK, first I read this great post on freedarko about the alley-oops potential to become a legitimate offensive tactic and a future basketball fundamental. Also read the comments for a discussion of the influence of NBA Live and such video games on real basketball. Interesting how aspects of sports once thought to be showing-off have the ability to become legitimate.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the future of not just basketball, but technical aspects of all sports. What other future fundamentals are out there, hovering in the shadows of improvisation. I then saw a mostly unimpressive Mavs v Pistons (who looked totally lackluster BTW) and in the second quarter Jason Kidd threw a pass that spoke to this very subject.

Kidd scooped up a loose ball and threw a pass that bounced to the right of the defender and spun to the left into the hands of Josh Howard. The commentators compared the action to that of a ten-pin bowler, though to my colonial eyes it looked more like a leg spin. See the following clip at 1:20 (or this clearer example at around 0:40). Not really the best angle to see the movement but the all angle replays showed how this thing moved.


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