UPDATE: Brad Haddin Bests the Underarm

Sorry to up a third post on the one game, but I can’t let this slide…

There’s now footage on youtube of the Broom-Haddin incident and it’s starting to blow up a little, and I’m getting FURIOUS. It proves what was implied in the sober post-match reports, that Haddin is a cheat, plain and simple. There’s just no other word for it.


You cannot tell me he wasn’t fully aware of what he was doing here, and all Ponting’s protestations only reflect even more poorly on him and the crappy win-at-all-costs culture he’s maintained.

“We’ll wait and see. If a replay does show anything that Brad is in the clear, I’ll certainly be letting Daniel know about it. It’s probably worth Haddin having a chat to him as well. He’s basically had a bit of a crack at Haddin’s make-up.”


Haddin told Ponting the ball had hit the top of off stump. “The umpire gave it out and the batsman walked off, and the next I heard of it was when I was asked about it at the end of play,” Ponting said. “[Haddin] obviously didn’t know, because if he knew then he wouldn’t have claimed it. Whatever we’re saying about Brad Haddin here, you can’t say that knowingly happened, that is for sure.”

What does that last line even mean? Cricket Australia is close to crisis at the moment to my mind, with Symonds drunkenly abusing the opposition on air, three straight series defeats across tests and ODIs and now this ugliness. I know this is three posts in 24 hours on the subject, but I can’t believe more isn’t being made of it.

The fact it didn’t alter the outcome of the game is extremely fortunate as far as history is concerned (and is doubtless why it hasn’t escalated the way it should have), but doesn’t make this anything less than a sequel to the underarm. And like most sequels, it might be worse than the original.

That might sound inflamed, but Haddin must have known when he pouched that ball that he dragged the bails off. A schoolboy would have enough experience to know when a ball’s hit the stumps and when he’s knocked the bails off. So for him claim the dismissal and not call Broom back is the worst kind of underhand treachery. At least when Trevor rolled that ball down it was in the full public glare. This was a blatant attempt to alter the course of the match by cheating, by subterfuge. It was outside the rules rather than exploiting a loophole in them.

Which is why it’s worse, and why Haddin deserves the most severe kind of punishment for his actions.

– Duncan



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4 responses to “UPDATE: Brad Haddin Bests the Underarm

  1. Tom

    The main thing I’ve been wondering while watching Haddin botch his way through the summer is this is the guy they wanted to get rid of Gilchrist early for. At least when Gilly got his chance and ousted Healy he made every team in the world look to add a /batsman to their keeper. With Haddin you want to clap every time he manages to collect a leg side delivery.

    On the subject of sportsmanship did you catch the moment in the Aussie innings when Gilly tried to call out Broom over his dummy slide in the field that prevented two and Tubs shot him down?

  2. Ian

    Extremely poor form by Haddin, and hard to believe he didn’t know something dodgy had happened. And our Australian commentators are just embarassing fanboys for the team – if you’re one of the boys you can’t do any wrong.

    Gilly embarassed himself over Broom’s slide in the field. I thought he was just going for the ball and bailed out when the other fielder was closer.

  3. Duncan

    Yeah Haddin’s incompetence with the gloves only add to the sorry pile. His batting is like a dodgy tribute band covering the former Australian greats; he tries hard but has nothing like the swagger of the originals.
    And that slide thing was wild, just unbelievable. Broom clearly pulled out to avoid a collision there, to insinuate otherwise was just grasping in the extreme. Even if he hadn’t it’d be a pretty innocuous event, certainly nothing remotely in the league of Haddin’s appalling act.

  4. Great outrage fellas! I just thought Haddin was cheating. Like most keepers, I’ll add. In all codes.

    Mind you, he is an Aussie. Bag away.

    Somebody said 5-0 on the telly. “Get outta here,” I said from the couch. Managed not to splutter. Warriors to win the NRL next.
    Hurricanes the S14 anyone…

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