A Pregnant Pause – Breakers Style


It doesn’t quite add up. The Breakers were performing sublimely, walking with the confident swagger of destined champions, and then bang!  The wheels are off. Big time. Six losses in the last seven games. Hesistant shot selection, poor decision making, lack of team work.   Sure, we can point to Bruton’s injury not allowing Penney the room he needs to score. Or that the fact both the Breakers big men, Behrendorff and Foreman, look malnourished. Genuinely like they don’t eat. But when Murray Deaker casually dropped that five of the Breakers are expecting children in the next few months or so, it was like someone non-chalantly revealed the murder weapon at the scene of the crime. That’s right, five expectant fathers. Almost half the team. I found this hard to believe, A) from a statistical standpoint and, B) have you seen the Breakers? It’s not like we’ve got N Sync out there. Yeah, N Sync .  I’m not ashamed. 

Extra research confirmed this story. Don’t think it’s a big deal? Check out the excerpt below.  This is one of the first things that came up after Googling “Expectant fathers psychology”:


Important part: “pregnancy as a crisis in iteslf is experienced by expectant fathers, and (b) expectant fathers may sublimate their own needs…”.

I’ve never had a baby (that I know of) but it seems that things like basketball would start to occupy a little less of my concentration if I was expecting one.  Also, my partner might be slightly less forgiving of me talking about practicing at the gym, and/or going on road trips to Australia. Stresses would add up. Of course, this is complete speculation, but any truth I’ve hit upon should be multiplied by five. That’s the effect on the Breakers right now.

What can be done? How do you coach against this? I’m not sure there is a way. Little point in hoping for a championship now. Not with half the team focussed on what brand of nappy will be most cost-effective in these troubling economic times. Which makes me think that no sex during the season might be a good policy. Win it for your kids, Breakers!

 But another question is worth pondering. Why has so little of this been mentioned in the media? All jokes aside, this must be at least a small piece of information relevant to the Breakers performance.  It is at least  possible that the Breakers minds are elsewhere.

Peter Williams raised this point a while ago.  The medias seem reluctant to discuss private issues in relation to on-field behaviour. He references the time he watched a particular New Zealand pace bowler stay out  in Capetown, drinking until incapacitated and carried away by teammates, only to have a shocking performance less than 48 hours later. For all their analysis, no one mentioned the drinking. We don’t want a tabloid situation, but it seems sometimes on-field play is so clearly influenced by off-field factors that it’s misleading to pretend they don’t exist.

– David


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