All-Star Weekend: The DVD Extras


So, I just saw that David kindly covered much of this information, so I’ll skip the Dunk Contest (the photo above says it all). Okay, let’s break it down:

The Celebrity Game

I admit, I did not actually watch this. I fast forwarded through the player intros just to see who was playing and the first five minutes just to see what the standard was like. It was a mix of TV stars, Harlem Globetrotters and WNBA players. Kind of offensive to have current WNBA player participate in All-Star Weekend, especially someone like Lisa Leslie, who is a multi-MVP legend of the league AND STILL PLAYING. The Dallas Cowboy’s wide receiver Terrell Owens won MVP.


Booooring. No one tried anything that cool. Just longish shots from the stands and the old underarm free-throw. Yawn. The new dudes need to go back to Pistol Pete Maravich to see how it’s done:


It could be a good event and I am sure they’ve all got tricks up their sleeves but everyone just played it too safe. Kevin Durant won. He took it pretty seriously. Kevin Durant likes winning.

Rookie v Sophomore Game

This was actually pretty fun to watch. Rookies often get lost in the crowd unless they are AMAZING and drafted onto a struggling team (Rose, Beasley, Mayo, etc.) so it was nice to be able to see them all in action. A lot of these guys didn’t quite know how seriously they should take it. Dunks are recorded in the stats sheet for these games, so you can excuse them for clowning around a little. Not Durant though. Have I mentioned that he likes to win. He basically won it for the sophomore team, scoring a record 46 points in the 122-116 win. I haven’t seen any Thunder games on TV this year so it’s hard to appreciate what an amazing player he has become. Durant did everything. An array of dunks, drives, threes from every angle. He has the ball handling and agility of a much smaller player. Will be in the All-Star game next year.


Shooting Stars

This is actually pretty weird. Current players + NBA legends + WNBA shooters make up a team for the city. Only Phoenix, LA, Detroit and San Antonio though. They got to make a shot from six different points, the final one being the half-court. The Detriot team of Arron Afflalo, Bill Laimbeer and Katie Smith took home the trophy.

Skills Challenge

The Skills Challenge was pretty fun. Kind of like seeing star point-guards at a basketball summer camp work-out. A mix of lay-ups, jump shots, dribbling around obstacles and passing through hoops. Derrick Rose took it out in a quiet but consistent fashion.

Three-Point Shootout

This was pretty entertaining actually. Jason Kapono had won the two previous years and was the definite favourite. Kapono, Rashard Lewis, and Daequan Cook made the final round. Kapnono got 14 points, Lewis and Cook both got 15 and squared off for a tie-breaker round with the Heat’s Cook taking it out 19-7. Side note: Michael Jordan has the record of lowest score in this contest with the 5 he scored in 1990.

– Henry


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