Dance The Dance Electric , And A Storm Is Brewing


We’ve already covered a lot on the All Star Weekend, but it’s only appropriate to recap  the score of the final game . The West beat the East 146-119. No one played defense and  in a fit of awkward nostalgia  Shaq and Kobe were awarded co-MVP awards.

Moving on to more important things:


 It’s hard to think of another individual who has so thoroughly embraced the joy of being a professional athlete at the pinnacle of their popularity than Shaquille O’neal. What’s more, it’s not expressed through some kind of desperate hedonism –  he’s not snorting drugs off the stomach of some coked up hooker, but he is dancing with the JabbaWockeez! Just because he can. 

A Storm Is Brewing

In other, near unrelated news, Kevin Durant – winner of the Rookie/Sophomore game MVP and H-O-R-S-E competition – just lit up for 47 points against New Orleans. Bill Simmons of ESPN has been near ecstatic about this guy ever since he came into the league. Interestingly, most of the mainstream media have been tepid in their response.  ESPN highlights of his 47 point performance show only three Durant shots, and barely bat an eyelid at his total.

In fact, Simmons reminds me of a scientist in a movie who discovers that the biggest storm in history is brewing, but no one will listen to him.  He ends up having to make an emotional plea to the president in order get his attention. Well, listen up, because a storm is most definatley heading our way. Durant is only 20, and he’s averaging 33.1 points over the past seven games, shooting at .529 from the field and .560 from beyond the arc.

Those are frigtening numbers and , as Simmons has pointed out, compare more than favorably to Kobe and Lebron at the same age.  Sure, he plays for the worst team in the league, artificially inflating his numbers, but did you see those field goal percentages? It’s not like defenses are focussing on other guys in his team.  Despite defenses specifically designed to stop him, he’s creating his own shots and making most of them.

Perhaps it’s easy to dismiss him given his less than impressive stature – he is skinny enough to be part of the Breakers front court. But from an offensive standpoint,  it doesn’t seem to matter. Besides, at 6-9  his arms are ridiculously long ; he may have the reach of a seven footer. He won’t grab the rebounds or make the assists Lebron does, but could probably outgun him. Double check those statistics. Oh yes, I see dark clouds on the horizon.

– David


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