His Swag Was Presidential


Obama took time out from criticising companies and chastising Wall Street big-wigs last Friday to spend a little of his taxpayers’ money on courtside seats to the Wizards/Bulls game in Washington. It was another supremely cool outing for the president (check out his entrance below, and the genuine awe of the players on court), and a subtle way of saying to his countrymen “sure, you can’t afford these seats, but if you all chip in, then you can pay for mine”. As if that isn’t cool enough, the Hoopster-in-chief even arrived fashionably late, delaying the tip-off for a few dramatic minutes.


It’s reported that Obama has adopted the Wizards as his new team, so it’s no surprise that his first NBA attendance would be at the match against his hometown Chicago Bulls. And the Wizards delivered: For the first time all season, the team had eight double-figure scorers, Antawn Jamison leading the way with 27 points and 11 rebounds as Washington demolished Chicago 113-90. Not that anyone inside the Verizon Centre was watching of course.

Obama is the first Prseident in a decade (since Clinton in 2000) to attend a Wizards game, and to his credit, he even indulged in a frosty beverage. Recession be damned.


– Justin


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