Feeling It?

Sports and music have a pretty difficult relationship at the best of times, except in the case of the All Sports Band, as Justin pointed out a few weeks back. I feel like one sports organisation which has subverted the rank awkwardness of this tendency (even the freaking Lakers came out to The Who instead of Dre or the Game in the ’08 finals), and that organisation’s name is the NRL.

Since the amazing bluster of Tina Turner belting out Simply The Best before the ’93 Grand Final (one of my earliest league memories; my parents were freakish Tina fans for some reason) the NRL has figured out the magic formula for making sports and music commune perfectly. Basically, combine one massive pub singalong, either pre-existing (Simply The Best), shoe-horned into working (when the Hoodoo Guru’s What’s My Scene? became That’s My Team in 2003) or an ‘original’ (The ’09 theme ‘Feel It’ – at least I hope it’s an original). The latter, with its boys-to-men theme, came out earlier in the week and gave me chills of anticipation for the upcoming season, despite me feeling a little dirty for being so easily manipulated. All three are there for your emotive listening pleasure after the jump.


Apologies for the sound/picture quality, as the NRL refuse to allow embeds I had to film their clip on my colleague’s phone. But you get the idea right? And it’s a pretty good one.


I always thought this was a great, audacious move. The Hoodoo Guru’s are something of an institution in Australia, so for them to agree to re-write one of their songs speaks to the great crassness at the heart of Australian music, and the genuine love of sports at the same time. Plus, it just works, you know?


The original, and still, in my opinion, The Best.

– Duncan


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  1. Duncan

    So it turns out this song’s also a re-write of an existing song. Man Australians are amazing. The OG is called Wes Carr’s Feels Like Woah, which is a great title, and can be seen here:

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