Potatoes On Prom Night


Due to an act of vandalism which has rendered my home literally powerless and hamstrung my already limping productivity (not to mention the recent spate of depressing DeadBall headlines), I’ve found myself forced somewhat willingly to place the following post instead of the photo essay from Saturday’s Warriors game. Like a good 80’s film, the clips below contain within a delightfully watchable mix of naivety and life-affirming charm. Both are triumphant, and both speak of the potential that sport (whether amateur or professional) has to energise the spirit of it’s participants, as well as it’s audience.

This isn’t exactly “T-Mac Scores 13 Points in 33 Seconds” material, but hey, T-Mac hasn’t exactly been up to much lately, so let’s not beat up on a bunch of 7th graders just because they have a better free throw percentage than me. That’s right, you’re about to watch 7th graders play basketball – so without further ado, I present the students of Buffalo Grove and Elk Grove:


On second thought, that 4 point play at the start isn’t a million miles away from T-Mac’s 4 point play in T’Mac Scores 13 Points in 33 Seconds.

At the other end of the spectrum, here is Dwyane Wade’s ridiculous steal/buzzer beater to nail the Bulls in DOUBLE overtime last Monday. Please bear in mind that this is after he hit a game-tying 3 pointer to send the match into the first overtime.


Further notes about this match: Wade scored 41 points (15-of-21 field goals), 12 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 blocks. Miami also had one time-out remaining when he made the steal, and he was aware that he didn’t have time to run far enough to make a lay-up. This happened over a week ago, but I didn’t have a chance to see it due to a combination of factors (Sky NZ programming department & Taylor Swift distractions), so I apologise for the lateness.

These clips though are a timely reminder that while some sports struggle through their transition into the ‘big time’, and become spoilt by beurocracy, money, admin, overthinking, underthinking, rule changes, and media training, that athletes (when allowed the freedom to participate in a natural and instinctive way) can still deliver the fans a “moment”. And at the the end of the day, that’s all I want.

Final thought: will MJ (the other MJ) perform this at any of his 50 London gigs:


– Justin

PS. The Warriors Game 1 Photo Essay is coming…



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3 responses to “Potatoes On Prom Night

  1. dwayne wade has been on an absolute tear lately.
    i’m not exactly sure how sky programming works for american sports, but i’m hoping there’ll be some decent coverage of march madness on espn. they showed a bit last year.

  2. Justin

    I remember watching quite a lot of college ball last March, so I’m expecting Sky to ramp it up again this time round. They definitely make some odd programming choices with their US sports though.

    I’m loving the MVP race this year – some solid competition up top, but Wade has stepped up to another level in the last few weeks. He appears to contribute in a broader way than Kobe and LeBron, but they’re all freaks, capable of dismantling any team when they decide to. And it’s not all about scoring either.

  3. You’re right Justin, after my doomsday prophecy regarding rugby’s demise and the sad news about Telfer, it’s good to remember why we watch sport in the first place. Actually, for some reason it’s easy to talk about how games are being administrated rather than how they’re being played.

    Wade is sort of an old school player , he has a very ninetys in vibe. I mean he doesn’t look like a freak of nature like LeBron or Dwight. Every point has some kind of gritty determination attached to it. It seems like that’s almost a throwback trait nowdays.

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