I'm Rather Ashamed To Say I Was Party To That Goading

In 25 minutes I’m going to answer the phone, and the person on the other end of the line is going to be Steve Coogan, an English comedian who will be touring New Zealand in late April/early May (the interview will be published in April’s Real Groove). His best known creation is Alan Partridge, a Norwich radio and television ‘personality’, and perhaps the funniest character British television threw up in the ’90s.

Justin and I watched The Man Who Thinks He’s It last night, a stand up show from a decade or so ago, and I was struck by the number of sporting references strewn throughout, until I recalled that my first exposure to Partridge was via Grahame Hill’s Radio Sport show, which used to air audio of him regularly. He might be the best, and most versatile sports commentator of all time.


It was his golf commentary Hill used to play most frequently, here he is eulogising Seve Ballesteros.


And here, finally, calling the 3.30 Chickory Tip Incest Cup


– Duncan



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8 responses to “I'm Rather Ashamed To Say I Was Party To That Goading


  2. My personal Coogan archive consists of
    – The Day Today
    – Knowing Me Knowing You
    – I’m Alan Partridge
    – Man who thinks he’s it

    Was lucky enough to see him do standup in the West End – please pass on sportreview.net.nz’s best wishes

  3. Duncan

    I’ve got everything save The Day Today. Interview went great, he sounded extremely depressed, sorta like Alan in one of his low points. I told him I thought his new movie was a bit shit and he sprung to its defense in startlingly unconvincing fashion though, so there was that.

  4. Justin

    For some reason, it’s his commentary of the diving that gets me… “He boings down…” Boings!

  5. man, it’s pretty embarrissing to be laughing in the library.
    just wondering though, how does one tell an interviewee that you think their new movie is shit?
    “oh, and by the way, you’re new movie – not good.” ?
    “so, that new movie – a bit of a shitter right?” ?

  6. Duncan

    I’m glad to have played a role in shaming you at university Henry. I’ve pruposefully avoided watching these clips at work for precisely that reason. I kinda just walked around it… I think I said something like:
    “I went to see Hamlet 2 while in the UK, and I just wanted to ask if that movie turned out the way you envisaged it? Because I just thought it was a bit shit, to be honest.”
    I waited til I was 14 minutes into a 15 minute interview before I dropped that one though, so that I still had an interview in the can. I thought he took it rather well, all things considered.

  7. at one point i actually had to take my headphones off as i was on the verge of breaking out into full-blown-laughing-out-loud-oh-my-god-who-is-that-guy.

  8. Yeah Hamlet 2 was a quite a bit crapper than I hoped. I’d been trying to convince some local Yanks of the genius of Steve Coogan for a while, only to awkwardly sit through it constantly hoping it would get better.

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