And The Winner Is…

…a quick follow-up post from Dave’s earlier post about NCAA/March Madness…
Barack Obama was recently elected as the boss of America, and challenged to heal the ills of the world – starting with the economic crisis, global heating, and those annoying South Africans with their accents and their ergonomic office chairs. Most would be daunted by the task, but not Obama, who decided this week to focus his energy on a bout of very public time wasting. The results are after the break – President Barack Obama’s NCAA Bracket, written by hand, and the result of hours (hundreds of billions of dollars worth) of consultation.


I get it – you like basketball. But honestly, these South Africans, with their fur-lined Crocs and REM tee shirts, need to be dealt with immediately. The other shit can wait, but come on man, focus!!

– Justin


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