Todd Carnage Bares All


I’ve had Todd Carney’s wikipedia page open for a couple of weeks now, intending to write a post about the guy. Just one of the great idiot-savant’s of world sport. On the field, when the ball’s in play, he’s a genius, a penetrating dangerous runner and phenomenal kicker. But off the field he’s a total nigtmare, makes Jesse Ryder look like Michael Jones. He was fired from the Raiders last year, despite tallying 262 points (including 29 tries) in his short NRL career, after allegedly taking a leak on a bar patron.

This was after an incident the previous year, when Carney, despite being disqualified from driving for five years due to earlier misdemeanours, lead police on a chase before absconding from the scene, leaving teammate Steve Irwin (not that Steve Irwin, though the image is funnier if you imagine it was) to take the rap. The Raiders famously fired Irwin but kept Carney on, proving that talent trumps all in the NRL. The Raiders finally dropped Carney after the All Bar Nun (with a name like that, how could there not be trouble) incident, but only on the proviso that the NRL prevent him signing with any other club for all of ’09 too. He kept things relatively quiet for six months, until he went on a car-roof jumping jaunt (perhaps inspired by Doug Howlett?) in February, and smashed up a mobile phone store (perhaps inspired by the Nets’ Sean Williams?).

But now, he’s topped it all, with some lurid self-portraits peppering the internet. See a few after the jump, censored because I couldn’t dig up the full dirt. Post a link in the comments if one turns up.



Was there ever a better-named player?

– Duncan


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  1. Day

    no, it’s funnier if you think of Denis Irwin.

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