Playoffs Special: Dave – Heaven Must Be Like This

The NBA playoffs are here. I was excited already, but I went over the edge when I watched the clip below. I haven’t been this pumped since I found out Simon and Garfunkel were coming to New Zealand. Yeah, you heard me right. And I know, that was only about a month ago.  But if this doesn’t move you, you officially have no soul:


In the space of two minutes, the above advertisement establishes that the playoffs have a long and rich history, Shaq is very funny, Dwayne Wade does a good Mickey Mouse impression and Kevin Garnett would be the worst person to be stuck in an elevator with. It’s amazing!

Below are some random observations from some of the playoff action so far.

1. The Spurs looked really lost against the Mavericks.

The Mavs bench played out of their minds, but what really impressed me was the small white dude from Portugal (Barea – picture below). He  completely stayed in Parker’s face the whole game. Normally players under 6 foot are a liability in this league, but when you have the kind of foot speed to stay in front of Tony Parker, you should be on court as much as possible. Parker’s game is based almost entirely on speed, getting to the hoop or kicking to the wing for the three. If he can’t beat you off the dribble, I’m not sure he can do much else. He really, really does not want to shoot the three.

Duncan was solid as usual, but he’s not the guy he was. It seemed the Spurs could have used him more rather than rely on the drive and kick option, but that may be sign that he is as old as he says he is. I’m not sure you want Parker as your go to guy. I think this series will be close.

How is this guy in the NBA?

How is this guy in the NBA?

2. Did Miami really just get owned by Atlanta ? 90-64?

64 points is an abysmal total for 1951. In 2009, it should be an automatic suspension from the league. I know the Hawks are technically favorites for this series, but it sort of seems like Wade should be able to carry this on his own, especially if he can get preferential treatment from the refs. Actually, the Hawks took Boston to seven games last year and, having watched one game from that series, Atlanta seemed legitimately scary at home. The crowd reminded me of a High School, the audience and team would both explode like a firecrackers after Josh Smith dunks. It’s weird but Atlanta just seems like a playoff type basketball team, embracing their underdog status and pretty much wilfully creating an atmosphere of desperation. If they can replicate that away from home, and not get bothered by favourable calls toward Wade, they might just do it.

3.  I’m not sure that ring-holder Sean Marks has ever actually made it off the bench for any other playoff series, but yesterday was almost certainly his debut for meaningful minutes in the post season.

Not just eye candy anymore, Marks is playing minutes

Not just eye candy: Sean Marks is playing minutes

Uh oh. 3 fouls in seven minutes. Two points, three rebounds. This is bad news  for New Zealand, I guess. But really worse for New Orleans, who actually have to play this guy. Not a good sign. It’s also not good when your opponent’s point guard (Billups) hits 8 three pointers. That usually means you lose, which is what happened to New Orleans , Nuggets winning 113-84.

4. Lebron James will destroy Detroit. Not the Pistons, but actually the whole city of Detroit.

– David



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4 responses to “Playoffs Special: Dave – Heaven Must Be Like This

  1. love the playoffs. the two series that i’m lookin at are hawks/heat and rockets/blazers.

    i don’t think wade can will his team to victory over the hawks, who are kinda stacked. beasley has been playing well for the last few weeks, but this is the playoffs…and the hawks have been there before.

    rockets, i think, will beat the blazers. the vets, and the absence of tmac, should get it done. plus, with artest and battier, the rockets have some strong lockdown defenders.

    big playoff moments:

    horry v kings

    baron v jazz

    elliott v blazers

  2. Oh man, I remember that Robert Horry shot. I loved, loved that Kings team, but they just seemed doomed. Sort of like Phoenix of the past four years.

    You are right the Hawks are kind of stacked, but not really with one stand out superstar. I know Joe Johnson is the guy, but it seems their talent is somewhat evenly spread. Last team to win like that was probably Detroit, who played a much different style of basketball I think.

    It’s interesting, because there is a lot of hype surrounding Portland right now, yet they lost big in Game 1. I’ve never really like Houston, with or without Tmac, mostly because I find them boring. Having said that, I’m not sure that Portland has an answer for Yao if he is on. Oden? He’s a great fouler.

  3. Duncan

    Really glad you singled out Barea’s performance in the Mavs game – he totally inspired his whole team, almost as if he was special needs or something. I’m guessing you read Simmons MVP piece on him, but it’s so good it deserves pasting:

    “117. Jose Juan Barea
    On the surface, he’s the 2009 winner of the “Why Are You In The League?” Award. A streaky 6-foot shooting guard who doesn’t even shoot 3s that well? What year is this, 1972? When you spend nearly $100 million in salary this season, how does this yield 20 minutes a game for the homeless man’s Eddie House?

    Well, I have your answer: Whenever Barea catches fire, and it has happened like five times this season, it fires up the rest of the Mavs like nothing you’ve ever seen. It produces results akin to Steve Kerr’s unforgettable barrage of 3-pointers in Game 6 of the 2003 Western finals — players leaping up and down on the bench, coaches hugging, Jason Kidd smiling like a proud dad, tears streaming down Mark Cuban’s face. It basically turns into the ending of a bad Disney sports movie. If Barea catches fire during the playoffs, watch out. So to answer your question that I asked for you, that’s why they have him. I’m glad I’m here.”

    – He’s gotta be high fiving himself after game one huh?

    And yeah 64 points? Incl SEVEN (7!!!) in the fourth quarter – which apparently had a period when neither team scored for over six minutes… That’s why I don’t watch soccer/football right there. Wade needs to stand the f*** up next game for sure.

  4. I only skimmed Simmons piece and didn’t make a connection that Barea was the guy he was talking about. That’s pretty awesome because my exact thoughts were, who is this guy, why haven’t I heard of him and how the hell is he in the league?

    But I was just blown away by his foot speed. Defensively I think he made the difference, because there is no way Kidd can guard Parker one-on-one.

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