Playoffs Special: Henry – Spurned

mavs51Wow. Things change. And fast. Here’s what I was writing while watching the first half of the Spurs v Mavs game yesterday:

Last year I thought the Spurs were the epitome of boring Basketball (if that was possible). The Spurs are the team you would show tapes of to your team if you coached high school basketball. No point in showing them the Cavs or Kobe. Watching the Spurs is attending a lecture is the fundamentals.

Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. In a game that swung in 12-point runs, the Spurs really just floundered in the second half. Parker went from looking like a genius point-guard to looking like this season’s Steve Nash – just running around in circles the whole goddamn game looking for a way in, finding nothing and either forcing the shot or kicking out to no one.

As for the Mavs – well, there’s no denying Dirk’s jumpshot. For a seven-foot dude it is pretty amazing, but just like Yao, you just can’t help but dislike the guy. Anyway, Jason Terry is great to watch. It’s kind of bullshit to win the sixth man of the year (as he will this year) when you are better than your team’s starting SG but whatever. The big surprise of the night was JJ Barea, the bench PG. The feisty Puerto Rican that was dropped to the D-League only to scratch his way back up again.


Also, I have to say that the major disappointment of the weekend was missing the Bulls beat the Celtics in over-time. Derrick Rose equaled Kareem for most points scored in an NBA Playoff debut with 36. Now that KG is out, the Bulls could pull this off if they can hold out at home and if Rose continues to rise above even the highest expectations. An amazing sight to see a rookie just take it all of his shoulders and be leading his team by the end of the first season.

Hopefully ESPN have some good match-ups this week. Fingers crossed.


P.S. Read a great Piece on Kevin Garnett (booo…) and the death of sports journalism (booo…) here.



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2 responses to “Playoffs Special: Henry – Spurned

  1. Duncan

    Was amazing the way the Spurs offence went from ‘unstoppable’ to ‘stopped’ huh? But you’re right about ESPN’s coverage here, I think the first three games they’re showing (Spurs/Mavs, Cavs/Pistons, Lakers/Jazz fyi) are the least interesting series of the bunch. Justin’s happy to see Kobe and ‘Bron any time in the playoffs, but personally I know I’m gonna get my fill of them later on… Give us the tight ones, Celtics/Bulls, Blazers/Rockets or Wade’s response to 64 points. Still, it feels damn good to have them started.

  2. what i didn’t get around to writing in the first half was that now i have a more technical interest in the game, i find them edifying and a joy to watch when they’re running strong. when they’re not though, as in the second half, they looked very much like the team on the way out. how i imagine the celtics will look the season after next. i guess winning championships can do that to you. your team gets older, you don’t get any lottery picks and at some point you have to burn it down and start again. interesting that the mavs have remained so strong over this decade with something like 9 or 10 consecutive 50+ win seasons, and the only team with such a great record to never win anything. and the season where they had the best record in the nba they got knocked out in the first round by the legendary warriors team of ’06 – the first and only time 8 has beaten 1 in a seven game series.
    boy, i really am procrastinating today.

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