COMING TONIGHT! Liveblogging the NZNTM Finale

New Zealand Next Top Model?

New Zealand Next Top Model?

By actual popular demand we’ll be liveblogging every minute of the finale of NZNTM tonight, with some contributors from Real Groove magazine, plus me and any deadballers who can make it. Will be using coveritlive, the same set up as isaaclikes use on their liveblogs of the series. Just so you know, we’re not attempting to bite their style, those guys do a great job from a fashion-centric standpoint; we’ll be treating it like the high drama sporting contest it is. So maybe keep both windows open.

The cool thing about coveritlive is the way viewers can interact via comments and polls as part of the flow of the commentary. So this will be a group effort guys. Post any suggestions/ideas/whatever flotsam or jetsam in the comments here, and come back from 7pm, we’ll try and do some real average pre-amble. It’ll be like Gameday before the league but sadly with less Steven McIvor. Reemember his work on that ‘find a cheerleader for the Warriors’ show? Lech. Regardless, it’s going to be a very, very good day.


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One response to “COMING TONIGHT! Liveblogging the NZNTM Finale

  1. Live Blogs are the way of the future!

    Have fun!


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