Bringing It All Back Home

The 76ers have done what (nearly) every self-respecting NBA franchise with an eye for aesthetics should do: gone back to their old logo, colours and uniform. Check it out:


I know which shirt I’d rather wear. Anyway, not only is this weird because they are the first team to take the Hardwood Classics thing seriously, but they’ve done it after a relatively successful season. Pro franchises usually radically change their uniforms for only two reasons: a terrible terrible season, or a franchise changing rookie (see: Cavs 2003). The 76ers had neither.

“By bringing back the old Sixers logo, we are connecting the past with the future,” said Comcast-Spectacor Chairman Ed Snider. “This logo evokes memories of some of this franchise’s proudest moments. We also made this change because we understood how much this logo means to our fans, this franchise and to our city. The fans had a big input on this decision. We’re excited and we want the entire City of Philadelphia to be excited for Sixers basketball.”


I really think this is the way forward for NBA franchises. There have been some really iconic uniforms over the 80-90’s that have been relegated to novelty nights. I think the team most in need of such a change is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Compare this UGLY contemporary Cavs jersey with the beautiful throwback that they seemed to wear a lot last season. Look up into a Cavs crowd and you can see which the fans are behind.

AdidasLBJSJ-YswingmanFRONTOver the next couple of weeks, Deadball will be a conference-by-conference report card of the uniforms from every NBA team. Check back if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s going to be real.




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6 responses to “Bringing It All Back Home

  1. Duncan

    One of the record company promo guys has this beautiful old Sixers jumper (like, as in a long-sleeved jersey to keep you warm) which he got off ebay. I think he’ll be secretly bummed that the old logo’s back. But you have to hope it’s the start of the whole league awakening to the prettiness in their past. And if it extends to shoe design I’d be even happier.

  2. richard

    pro teams that havent really changed their jerseys have the best ones. lakers, celtics and bulls and i guess to some extent blazers. usually old, big market teams.
    golden state need a change. they had some cool tops back in the day. now they have a thunderbolt jersey.
    pro american sports is full of horrible uniforms, nicknames and logos. and i love american sports. (ok, well there are some exceptions – red wings, mets – but what about the atlanta thrashers? that’s some arena football type nonsense. jon bon jovi probably owns them.) european soccer does it better, even if they have sponsors on jerseys.

  3. Duncan

    That is a deeply amazing image you’ve linked to there Ewen. The uniform is mentallly hot, but add the haircut? BALLIN’

  4. E. Chatfield

    If I was a black american, I would be absolutely despondent about the fact that my culture has been in a state of perpetual decline since House Party 2.

  5. when is the NRL bringing back the ‘classic’ uniforms / logos, circa 1990.

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