DeadBall Reader

In DeadBall Reader I’m going to throw up a bunch of links of what’s been causing me pause or just blowing my mind. Maybe I’ll (/we’ll) do it every once in a while, if for no other reason than a fuel for spirited conversation with Justin and Dave at the bar.

1. Basketbawful’s Word of the Day: Retired Legenditus, which featured this this little piece of genius (yes that’s trailing behind a plane across the Californian sky):



2. Basketbawful’s The 2008-09 NBA Worsties: December, which included:




[youtube: [youtube:

Man, I hope this guy isn’t on drugs.


4. Bay Barbee (via Prism Break)


This is pretty much the definition of cool. Not cool as in hip, or now, or it, or the newest latest, but just cool like ‘relax, be cool’, or ‘everybody be cool, this is a robbery’. It  looks like he’s just breathing.


5. Bill Simmons drops by the National Sports Collectors Convention and see an amazing array of old things that boys use to impress other boys. It’s weird how a few thousand dollars worth of game-worn jerseys can look a lot like a wall of cheap Chinatown knock-offs:


6. Shaq (“The Big Witness”) stole Steve Nash’s idea for a reality TV show. Nash wanted to make  show where he would take on other pro athletes at their own sport. Nash is now the executive producer.


7. Black Sabbath (fuck it):


Pretty unbelievable how good they are as a live band back then. Sometimes with classic records, you see some live footage and it disappoints when  it can’t stand up to the recorded genius. Not so with 1970 Sabbath. Insane.


– Henry

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