Kenny Powers: A DeadBall Icon

When my ass was 28 years old, I lost my shit watching Eastbound & Down.*










* Coming soon on New Zealand television on Comedy Central.

[This has been an unsolicited first step in a DeadBall/Comedy Central cross-promotion. Viacom – we’re down if you are. Let’s make it happen.]

DeadBall Out!

– Henry



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5 responses to “Kenny Powers: A DeadBall Icon

  1. Jarrod

    “So that is why I am better than everyone in the world.
    Kiss my ass and suck my dick EVERYONE”

  2. joel

    “not trying to be the best at exercising”

  3. richard

    i need to get a copy of the kenny powers audio book.

  4. Kerryanne

    Premieres on NZ TV 27th October, 9.30pm, Comedy Central (SKY 010). Watch it.

  5. Duncan

    The Kenny Powers audio book would actually be a hit. HBO’s people need to realise that and jump on it. It would be the end of radio sport for me. You’d be so highly motivated bumpin Powers all day!

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