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RIP Tim Bickerstaff, The King of Impotence and: A DeadBall Icon


I was shocked and saddened to read of the passing of Tim ‘herbal ignite‘ Bickerstaff over the weekend. Like many, I grew up in awe of the cheerful former broadcaster and his determination to fix Kiwi bloke’s trouser problems the natural way. The way he and the New Zealand Men’s Clinic went back and forth taking shots at each other was thrilling, but they were the Goliath, with Big Pharm and an entire organisation on their side, while Bickerstaff always invited you to call him ‘personally’!

I’m sure they’ll try and struggle on with the ignite brand, but what are they without their once-impotent soldier? He was a talisman to the ‘thousands of New Zealand men’ who ‘suffered in silence’ but didn’t ‘want to sleep with a syringe under their pillow’. The man just loved normal sexual function, for all men and women, and was never happier than when he was packaging it up discreetly and popping it in the post for his fellow sufferers. Continue reading



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