RIP Tim Bickerstaff, The King of Impotence and: A DeadBall Icon


I was shocked and saddened to read of the passing of Tim ‘herbal ignite‘ Bickerstaff over the weekend. Like many, I grew up in awe of the cheerful former broadcaster and his determination to fix Kiwi bloke’s trouser problems the natural way. The way he and the New Zealand Men’s Clinic went back and forth taking shots at each other was thrilling, but they were the Goliath, with Big Pharm and an entire organisation on their side, while Bickerstaff always invited you to call him ‘personally’!

I’m sure they’ll try and struggle on with the ignite brand, but what are they without their once-impotent soldier? He was a talisman to the ‘thousands of New Zealand men’ who ‘suffered in silence’ but didn’t ‘want to sleep with a syringe under their pillow’. The man just loved normal sexual function, for all men and women, and was never happier than when he was packaging it up discreetly and popping it in the post for his fellow sufferers.

Along the way he attracted high profile enemies, not only the chemical cowboys at the New Zealand Men’s Clinic, but Doug Golightly, who I once heard railing against the man on his Saturday Morning Radio Sport show – without ever specifying why (probably failed to deliver the ‘harder erections’ their website promises for flaccid Doug).

Which seems a bit rich, as next to Rod Jenden, Bickerstaff must have been the station’s biggest ad spender during its early years. But Golightly’s always been a total cunt, so I guess it makes sense that he’d hate lovely old Tim.

Anyway, I don’t have much to more to add. He was found by some poor kids, who were trick or treating and found the broadcaster dead on the ground. Here’s hoping they didn’t get amongst the wrong lollies.

RIP Tim.

– Duncan


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4 responses to “RIP Tim Bickerstaff, The King of Impotence and: A DeadBall Icon

  1. Niki

    I guess they’ll have to stop playing his add since you can no longer call to speak with him personally. Very sad.

  2. Mark

    Death by misadventure perhaps? Just wanted his erection to last just that little bit longer? Whatever it was it is a sad loss, he woke me up to the harsh realities of sexual malfunction in men and I am left wondering how I will now fill this gaping void in my life. Vaya con dios Tim, may your erection last for all of eternity.

  3. Radio Sport will be gutted as his ads kept the station running. Wont be so embarassing listening to radio sport with my mother in law now that one of those companies will go. At one stage it was erectile dysfunction ad after erectile dysfunction ad for about 4 months running. I knew them all of by heart.

  4. Duncan

    Me and a mate of mine have this running thing where we do covers of RadioSport ads while driving our girlfriends around while very hungover. Just repeating them word for word. The girls actually beg us to do it. Think we’re comedic geniuses. When Willy Lose’s on I actually look forward to the ads.

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