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The Skinny Post: Crunch Time In The Bayou

In our ‘fallow period’ you missed a bunch of great Tierney. Go here to catch up.

Kim K. She’ll be behind Reggie Bush. And then later, he’ll be behind her.

High Noon At The Superdome.
Or Battle Of The Gunslingers.
Or any other ESPN-like sobriquet. I feel like Colin Cowherd right now (and kudos to him for having a media career with a name like that. The only people cool enough to get away with a name like Colin are drunken Irishmen and Barbasian cricketers).

There are two games this weekend, but while both have points to recommend them, its the NFC Championship game between the Vikings and the Saints that has story lines that transcend the NFL.

40 year old Brett Favre vs reborn gunslinger 30 year old Drew Brees.

Running backs Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush both trying to live up to frustratingly unrealised potential.

A team that mortgaged its soul for a shot at the SuperBowl(see BrettFavre/Vikings above) vs a team that have NEVER been there. Continue reading


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Shortland Street: The End of the Affair?

Hey so I know it’s been like three months since we did anything on DB, but I’ve been busy, and the other bros have been useless*. Anyway, it was a pretty momentous night on the Street. A lot of chickens came home to roost.

Without further ado, here’s the story, inna narrative style. of how TK and Sarah came undone, with commentary supplied by R. Kelly, Pat Benetar and, uh, Joey Tribiani. Enjoy…

'Here I am, quickly tryin' to put on my clothes'

"Why do you hurt me so bad?"

Well it's just that I'm in the middle of a root with Maxy here, you know what I mean? Plus I don't love you anymore and I'm a little bit sick of how you're always pretending you don't kids etcetera

"there's total silence, blood everywhere/ Confusion on their faces, as they continue to stare"

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