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Whatever Happened to Our All-Star Game?

The past month has seen one frankly incredible All-Star game (The NBA’s, of which more shortly) and one which, again frankly, I didn’t actually see (the NRL’s). Apparently, according to my source, the Indigenous All Stars vs The NRL All Stars was a thing of true beauty, and as a way to kick off the season it seems like a fine idea. Maybe the promotion was a bit lacking, but baby steps, right? At least it got off the ground.

The NBA’s All-Star game is an established institution, over a half-century old, and appearances in it go a long way toward gauging the relative worth of talents from era to era. The game we saw last weekend was jaw-dropping, groin-tingling sports, with talents allowed to roam free and points piled on from all angles. They played defence and made it a game in the final quarter, so it worked as game too. It was a festival, a celebration of the sport at its most liberated. Then everyone gets back down to business and starts to run at the playoffs (even the Wizards! Three out of four since they gutted their team!).

Anyway, the whole thing got me thinking about our own venerable answer to the All-Star game, the North vs South match. Continue reading


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DeadCast: Balls 2 / Winter Olympics, Black Caps Coaches and the Fairytale of New Orleans

A few days late and dollars short as will no doubt become usual, but here’s Aaron Hawkins from Radio 1 in Dunedin and Duncan from DeadBall’s chat from Friday 12 Feb 2010 (c. 730am every Friday). We discussed the impending tedium of the Winter Olympics, railed against matey coaching, specifically as it relates to two recent appointees (Greatbatch and Crowe) from the astoundingly old ‘Young Guns’ era of the ’90s who’ve slipped back into the national side, and touched briefly on that lovely thing that happened to New Orleans a week or so ago.

Play below or go here and download. DeadCast: BALLS 2 by Deadball

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DeadCast 1: A Sports Podcast named BALLS!

Every Friday at around 7.30 in the morning I chat to Aaron from Radio 1 in Dunedin about the week in sport, and what’s to come over the weekend. It’s called, with no small amount of schoolboy-ish humour BALLS! From now on we’ll endeavour to post an mp3 of these conversations on DB on the Friday or Saturday. In typical DeadBall fashion this one’s a bit late. I’ll just post it as embaedded audio for the time being, but soon enough (probably not very soon) we’ll have it for download too, and maybe even on iTunes!

Anyway, profuse thanks to Aaron Hawkins and Radio 1 for allowing us to host this and giving us the opportunity. I’m hoping that DeadBall will be back from its slumber properly within a week or two. I’m getting married see, and it’s a bit frazzling.

Anyway, here’s the first DeadCast:

DeadCast: Balls 1 by Deadball

This one covers such topics as the Superbowl, whether Bangldesh should be allowed to play test cricket, and why gender testing’s not what it used to be.

PS – As I used soundcloud it turns out you can download the track from now. Go do it.

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