DeadCast 1: A Sports Podcast named BALLS!

Every Friday at around 7.30 in the morning I chat to Aaron from Radio 1 in Dunedin about the week in sport, and what’s to come over the weekend. It’s called, with no small amount of schoolboy-ish humour BALLS! From now on we’ll endeavour to post an mp3 of these conversations on DB on the Friday or Saturday. In typical DeadBall fashion this one’s a bit late. I’ll just post it as embaedded audio for the time being, but soon enough (probably not very soon) we’ll have it for download too, and maybe even on iTunes!

Anyway, profuse thanks to Aaron Hawkins and Radio 1 for allowing us to host this and giving us the opportunity. I’m hoping that DeadBall will be back from its slumber properly within a week or two. I’m getting married see, and it’s a bit frazzling.

Anyway, here’s the first DeadCast:

DeadCast: Balls 1 by Deadball

This one covers such topics as the Superbowl, whether Bangldesh should be allowed to play test cricket, and why gender testing’s not what it used to be.

PS – As I used soundcloud it turns out you can download the track from now. Go do it.


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