DeadCast: BALLS! 15

Aaron and Duncan get on Radio 1 on Dunedin to discuss the astounding implications of the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal, Piri Weepu’s looming defection to the Northern Hemisphere, Kevin Garnett’s elbow and the NBA playoffs, plus some other things I can’t quite remember. But it was a lot of fun, potentially the best BALLS! yet. BALLS! 014 by Deadball


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One response to “DeadCast: BALLS! 15

  1. melbourne shouldn’t be allowed to play at all this year. Or at least until they get under the cap. They are essentially fielding an illegal team and, even though we played averagely, they just cost us 34 points if top 8 comes down to points differential. No team should have to put their players at risk of injury against an illegal team either. Or waste money going to melbourne until they are in full compliance.

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