Live Blog: Q+A Super City Mayoralty Debate

DeadBall is going to Live Blog the Super City Mayoralty debate.Williams vs Banks vs Brown. And we’re off.

Holmes-y is in the big chair, and he’s pretty fired up. Hasn’t really mentioned the debate, he’s much more excited about the Labour leadership meltdown post the Chris Carter failed coup fiasco.

They’ve got some Mayor’s on hand to discuss the upcoming debate. Mad Bob Harvey and relentlessly perky Kerry Prendergast. Guessing they’re going to lean Brown-wards. Mostly I’m just gutted that Simon Praast didn’t get a spot. His policy of leading all coverage with his background as a P fiend and his legalise-all-drugs plan looked a surefire hit.


They seem to be standing a little too close to me

Like those little glass holders though

Banks 30 seconds: C

Williams 30 going a lot better. A-

Brown: Mention of rates which is good. Preservation of localities. I’m going A

Williams sounds

Holmes affirms that he’s not standing. No one believes him.

Brown sounds well practiced.

Duncan: Brown looks a bit hungover, which is sorta blunting his hard stand against liquor outlets.

Perceived weaknesses. This should be gold. Starts with Banks and his characterising homosexuals as unhygienic. Which is probably not the kind of statement that helps you get elected. He ignores the chance to refute that, and now we’re talking public toilets, which is Williams’ issue.

Now we’re hitting Mad Mike’s late night texting issues. He is super, super weird that man.


There is pilling on Len Brown’s lapel. It’s distracting me from the issues.

I love that John Banks has already referred to the people of South Auckland as “those people”. We were all thinking it.

Andrew Williams is now talking about something called “fairy services”. He’s really targeting the Ponsonby vote with that one.


Banks: Affordable progress, Affordable progress, Affordable progress, Affordable progress.

Well they all want better trains. That’s a relief.

How did Banks switch from trains to Grey Power losing $ in the financial melt-down?

Third harbour crossing?

Brown and Williams are targeting Banks.

Banks: Promises, promises, promises

Lot’s of great buzz words dropping: song-sheets, mantras, affordable progress, third-harbour

Justin: Waterfront time…

Brown says “upgrade, update”. I’m sold.

Williams open “open up the waterfront”. Interesting. Holy shit, apparently Quay street will be “undergrounded”! Amazing.

Banks is talking about how he saved us from a Taiwanese villain. Thanks Banksy.


Summing ups.

Brown is a uniter. And a fist pumper. ‘Persuasion and inclusion’.

Williams is bringing in four deputies. Sounds a bit wild west.

Banks is coming home stronger than he went out (which admittedly isn’t hard). He’s acting most like the incumbent.

Battled to a draw. On balance I’d say Williams brought more ideas to the table, Banks stayed relentlessly on message, to his detriment – he was the most ‘politician-ly’, which in the post Obama era (and with an outsider in charge here) is not seen as a positive. Brown was a bit soporific.

Kerry P is going to pieces. Auckland needs ‘strong, divisive leadership’. She said Williams over-promised – spending way more money than he’ll ever have. American woman makes key point that we have three incumbents running. Also mentioning the connects to national politics, about whether the strength of the Key govt helps Banks.

Harvey on the four deputies: okay-ish. To me that recreates our current situation, and stasis. He loves Masterchef, and says Andrew, you are going home tonight. Which is really great, bringing the reality TV sphere to the table. Would get much greater engagement if we made them live in a Big Brother house.

Quick note on style. Len Brown in french cuffs and a tie at 9am, maybe too sharp. Williams has a casual shirt, no tie, unbuttoned at the neck and a silver fern pin. Banks just his regular work get up. If Brown was too serious, Williams wasn’t serious enough. Banks wins there I reckon.


Banks seems to look the same at all times. There’s a portrait of himself aging somewhere.

Brown looked like he may have had a few too many last night. Or, he turned up late for make-up.

Williams, again, did look too casual. Gotta smarten up a little. I mean, this is Sunday morning television.


I’m from Christchurch, so this all means nothing to me. I have a special relationship with Vicki Buck due to a moment we shared on Hereford Street back in the late 90’s, but my interest in local government is based solely around the pricing structure of the Auckland City Council staff cafeteria. The sandwiches are a real bargain, and the view is breath-taking.


One final thought: This was necessary television, and the interview with Phil Goff which followed is the kind of thing we used to see on Holmes every night. But this is 9am Sunday, and Q+A follows this disabled rights show and the religious programming. It just seems kinda nuts that our state broadcaster has relegated politics to some bizarre niche interest, like gardening or fishing.

That’s all. Thanks for stopping by.

– Duncan, Henry & Justin.


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One response to “Live Blog: Q+A Super City Mayoralty Debate

  1. Thanks for covering this guys. I don’t think my analysis could’ve added much more. I concur with Justin – Auckland City Council has the best staff cafeteria and a top quality make-your-own sandwich stall. It really is a legacy project.

    Right now, it seems like this race is open for someone other than these three to just come in and own it. No one wants it.

    I always thought David Kirk should run for super mayor. He’s a national hero, proven winner and was at one point a respected business man. Ok, he lives in Sydney- but surely that just proves he has experience in an international world class city. Is this a crazy idea?

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