My Favourite New Website: Rugby Friends

So one of the guys who commented on the first Power Rankings of the new NZNTM cycle was named Frase – who I presumed was Frase ex of Frase+Bri, now of Crystal Magic. Because he’d commented on this stuff in the past and so on. But then I saw his website was listed as, so I figured he was one of the ‘real sports’ fans who every so often chance upon DB. But seeing as he was commenting on something as un-‘real sports’ as Top Model I figured it was worth a lazy click.

I’m really glad I did. Rugby Friends is my new favourite website. I can’t see it ever being superseded. It’s just the best, stoopidest concept ever. I’m pretty sure (though not certain) it’s the product of the Crystal Magician, and would really like to know more about the concept (assuming there is a concept) – beyond the fact that they played rugby once on Friends. A couple more images after the jump, but really you just want to go and bask in its pointless glory.

* This is the best I reckon. Really want a copy.


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