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New Zealand's Next Top Model Power Rankings 2

Rebecca-Rose pretends to be cut up about Rhiannon's demise.

Rebecca-Rose pretends to be cut up about Rhiannon's demise.

A week which saw the models slough off the veneer of pleasantry which had just about been maintained through the opening rounds and pull out some good old-fashioned schoolyard bitchery. The young rose precipitously this week, while any over 20s saw their stock take a hit. Guest judge Karen Inderbitzen-Waller helped with jettisoning the good vibes, just calling it as she saw it, and the power-shifts we saw last week solidified into a new order, with some heavy implications for the old regime. Judge-wise, Colin remains amazing, Sisarich cool and even Sara is becoming vaguely tolerable.

With the elimination of Rhiannon so goes the innocence, and the first genuine contender has left the building, never to squeal “Sara mail!” again. Game on, girls.

1. (Last Week: 1) Christobelle

Another powerhouse performance from the Dio girl saw her comprehensively dominate the competition with a characteristic mix of focus and frivolity. She seems to know exactly when to turn it on, giggling her way through the make-up round before turning in a photo of international quality, and no one can doubt that she is in the box seat now. The other girls recognise it too, the extremely illuminating Q&A with an enjoyably frosty Sara saw her name emerge as the near-unanimous favourite. Just needs to be careful Ruby and Ajoh like their roles as loyal lieutenants, because if (when) they turn on her life could get ugly very quickly. Continue reading



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New Zealand's Next Top Model Power Rankings


Round three of NZ’s Next Top Model took place Friday, and after the tumult of the first couple of weeks we’re starting to see the competiton settle into some kind of order. The trash has been largely wheeled out the door and the contenders are starting to make some serious moves, so I figured it was time to launch our NZNTM power rankings.

Inspired by the  ESPN’s on the NBA and LeagueHQ’s on the NRL we’re going to rank the contenders on their momentum and recent form, and try and predict who’s next in line for elimination, and see who’s making the right moves to take the whole thing out. Power rankings, for the unfamiliar, are based on form and a team’s general outlook, rather than where they might be positioned in the competition. While there’s no official ladder for NZNTM, it’s pretty clear that Teryl-Leigh would be atop it if there were, with her surfeit of wins in the first couple of weeks. Power rankings would suggest that there’s a new challenger they need to pay attention to.

1. Christobelle

She’s looked like the quiet achiever from the start, a sunny personality belying a steely determination, and she picked the right time to turn it on, with a stunning catwalk performance, and while she let herself get phased by the rigours of the makeover, she pulled it back together for the shoot. Her only issue now is that she’s clearly in everyone’s sights, those models don’t fuck around when they see someone trying to take their contract, and will be scheming for her downfall at every turn. Continue reading


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Brendan Telfer: A DeadBall Icon

This is a profile I wrote of my favourite New Zealand sports journalist as student a few years back. As a result it’s probably a little over-weaning and dated, but I think it still gets to the heart of why when there’s a big sporting issue there’s no one I’d rather hear attacking it than Brendan Telfer. No one wanted to publish it at the time. I guess Telf’s not glamourous enough.

The Old Campaigner


A profile of Brendan Telfer – previously unpublished, from 2005.

By Duncan Greive

“I think we’ve had it with John O’Neill. If he can’t be bothered to answer his phone when he says he will then he can stick his A-League somewhere in his flash hair-do or something.”

Brendan Telfer is furious, in his mild-mannered way. The chief of Australian soccer has just reneged on a second scheduled interview in two days, leaving Morning Sport with a gaping hole in its schedule to fill. However unlike other Radio Sport hosts; in fact unlike almost anyone else working in broadcasting today; restraint is the word. This journalistic throwback rebels by his very orthodoxy. Where all around him radio hums with risqué comments, stings and sponsors, heat and flash, Brendan Telfer is calm, measured and very much of the Old School. Continue reading


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