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DeadCast: Balls! 32 feat. Sonny Bill Williams, The Ranfurly Shield, The Black Caps and Liverpool

Aaron Hawkins from Radio 1 in Dunedin and DeadBall’s Duncan Greive discuss the week in sport, including a spectacular effort by the Black Caps in Bangladesh and the unveiling of yet another new schedule from the ICC. We also go at Sonny Bill Williams attempts to become the least likable sportsman in the country, the Stags’ Shield loss and the way Liverpool’s recent travail’s illustrate the danger’s of becoming a millionaire’s toy. BALLS! 032 by Deadball



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DeadCast: Balls! 25 feat the winning Warriors, Bill Harrigan and Brendon McCullum

New Dunedin mayoral candidate (seriously/excitingly) Aaron Hawkins and Duncan talk live on radio 1 about Warriors rosey playoff hopes, Bill Harrigan’s monumental blunder (and general weirdness) , the ICC cricketer of the year awards (and why Brendan McCullum’s presence makes a farce of them) and the indie-sports coalition discussed by Bethlehem Shoals on recently. BALLS! 025 by Deadball

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DeadCast: Balls! 24 feat The Black Caps, Southland & Counties-Manukau and NZNTM

Duncan has been in Tonga all week ‘honeymooning’, so Aaron had to tell him what happened sports-wise. we discussed NZ’s rise to number two in the ICC ODI rankings, and Martin Crowe’s poo-pooing of that form’s future. Then we talked about provincial rugby’s rise-and-rise. Then we started talking about New Zealand’s Next Top Model, and that kinda took over the podcast. Pretty fun stuff for us, and hopefully for you too. BALLS! 024 by Deadball

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Five Things I've Thought This Week

1. Brendan McCullum should not be putting out a book

2. This Tour de France has a reasonable chance of being one of the best ever.

3. I don’t think I’ve anticipated a non-All Blacks game of international rugby as much as this weekend’s Tri-Nations game in a while.

4. Jesse Ryder’s career might already be over.

5. Brendan Telfer and Dale Budge worked far better than I thought they would.

Read more detailed analysis of the above after the jump. Continue reading

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DeadCast: Balls! 16

In which your ‘heroes’ Aaron and Duncan have a shallow and meaningless about the Storm, talk down NZ’s Twenty20 chances and up Stephen Fleming as a future coach before extolling the virtues of history in a sports club, and promotion/relegation with particular reference to the newly promoted Nottingham Forest. Kill some time with us. BALLS! 015 by Deadball

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The DeadBall Interview: Daniel Vettori

I interviewed the current New Zealand Cricket captain Dan Vettori late last year for my employer,  Barkers Men’s Clothing (you can read the better, fancier feature at the Barkers blog), and thought I’d post the transcript of the interview for your reading pleasure. Bear in mind that the interview was conducted four months ago, so there was still hope for the season at the time. Or that faint patina of hope that all New Zealand Cricket fans know and ‘love’.

That soon faded. But the thrill of interviewing Vettori never will. He was an exceptionally impressive fellow, well-spoken, thoughtful, opinionated… Everything you’d like a sportsman to be, but so rarely encounter. I happened to be reading Michael Lewis’ excellent sabermetrics tribute Moneyball at the time, and self-consciously had it lying on the table between us when he came down. I figured it was as good a way as any to see how curious he was. I figure most All Blacks don’t even look at the book. Dan Vettori not only looked at it, he made keen observations about its content (tragically before I switched my dictaphone on) and had, in fact read it twice, the second time after he had made a concerted effort to appreciate the intricacies of baseball so as to see what that new knowledge altered in terms of his appreciation for the book.

Which is just great. We’ve now had two straight captains who are serious students of the game – but not just the game they happen to excel at, but games in general. For a side like the Black Caps, cursed by population and temperament to never have the resources our opposition has at their beck and call, this attribute is incredibly important. God knows where we’d be without his influence. Anyway, without further rumination, here is the transcript of our conversation,

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BALLS 10: Another Deadcast

Aaron and Duncan talk the Warriors resurgence, the Wellington wind being a manifestly better cricketer than Peter Ingram, the wide open West in the NBA, Mike Tyson’s reality TV career and some other nonsense.

BALLS 010 by Deadball


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