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DeadBall Awards: The Biggest Clutch Play of 2008

In any given sporting year you’ll see athletes do incredible things with the clock winding down. It’s what they’re hired to do, and the nature of the competitions they’re involved in to try and make these things happen.During the reign of Michael Schumacher Formula 1 drifted into tedium during the closing passages of the season frequently, with unassailable leads transformed into comfortable Championship wins.

That’s changed in recent years, and revitalised one of the great sporting competitions, but this year’s must have been the tightest of all time. Lewis Hamilton had recovered from a faltering start to head into the final race of 2008 with a slim 7 point lead over Felipe Massa heading into the final race of the season, Massa’s home Grand Prix in Brazil. This meant he needed to finish fifth or better, assuming Massa won, to clinch his first Driver’s Championship. Heading into the final lap of a wet, confused Grand Prix, the cards had seemingly fallen Ferrari’s way, with Massa leading and Hamilton agonisingly short in sixth. What happened next was what we’re calling The Biggest Clutch Play of 2008.

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