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Five Things I've Thought This Week

1. Brendan McCullum should not be putting out a book

2. This Tour de France has a reasonable chance of being one of the best ever.

3. I don’t think I’ve anticipated a non-All Blacks game of international rugby as much as this weekend’s Tri-Nations game in a while.

4. Jesse Ryder’s career might already be over.

5. Brendan Telfer and Dale Budge worked far better than I thought they would.

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Get Well Telf!


I was getting excited about the imminent release of Brendan Telfer’s A Life In Sport in the next week or two when the Herald gave me the awful news that’s he’s in an induced coma after a bleed in the brain. I wrote a profile of Telf as my journalism profile a couple of years ago, which we published on DeadBall a couple of weeks back. To hear that he’s in this perilous state fills me with dread, because, as much as we and others take the piss out of him occasionally, he’s pretty much the best sports journalist in the country, and has nose for story like no other. He can be obstinate and old-fashioned, but there is no better interviewer in any field, and I can’t stand the idea of the airwaves being without his mind. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

– Duncan

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Brendan Telfer: A DeadBall Icon

This is a profile I wrote of my favourite New Zealand sports journalist as student a few years back. As a result it’s probably a little over-weaning and dated, but I think it still gets to the heart of why when there’s a big sporting issue there’s no one I’d rather hear attacking it than Brendan Telfer. No one wanted to publish it at the time. I guess Telf’s not glamourous enough.

The Old Campaigner


A profile of Brendan Telfer – previously unpublished, from 2005.

By Duncan Greive

“I think we’ve had it with John O’Neill. If he can’t be bothered to answer his phone when he says he will then he can stick his A-League somewhere in his flash hair-do or something.”

Brendan Telfer is furious, in his mild-mannered way. The chief of Australian soccer has just reneged on a second scheduled interview in two days, leaving Morning Sport with a gaping hole in its schedule to fill. However unlike other Radio Sport hosts; in fact unlike almost anyone else working in broadcasting today; restraint is the word. This journalistic throwback rebels by his very orthodoxy. Where all around him radio hums with risqué comments, stings and sponsors, heat and flash, Brendan Telfer is calm, measured and very much of the Old School. Continue reading


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