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DeadCast: BALLS! 15

Aaron and Duncan get on Radio 1 on Dunedin to discuss the astounding implications of the Melbourne Storm salary cap scandal, Piri Weepu’s looming defection to the Northern Hemisphere, Kevin Garnett’s elbow and the NBA playoffs, plus some other things I can’t quite remember. But it was a lot of fun, potentially the best BALLS! yet.

http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fdeadball%2Fballs-014 BALLS! 014 by Deadball


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Anyone But The Celtics

After the Celtics hyper-emotional run to victory in the 2008 finals, as a basketball neophyte, I was ready to fall in love with that team. Everything about it worked. The storylines were overblown but extremely engaging, and the way they played was similarly straight out of a hokey film. That voluble passion which manifested itself in odd ways, as the team snapped between lackadaisical periods before blitzing teams with a boundless intensity. The war cries of Garnett, Pierce’s eye for the theatrical and Allen’s quietly cerebral game – I loved them all.

And here I am, two years later, screaming at Miami for allowing them back into the game, telling my youngest daughter – not yet conceived during that dream season of ’07-08 – that she must never, ever cheer a Celtic. What happened? How did my love become loathing? I feel like to a large extent it came from the same place their current disaffection was born.

Put simply, the same factors which made them so selfless during that golden season have now come back to haunt them in the most infuriating way. The big three, once so committed to the team game, are mere shadows of their championship-winning selves, as if the mere act of getting a ring – proving to the world what they had always known of themselves – gave them free license to turn into the most selfish caricatures of that they had been prior. The movie stars:

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Playoffs Special: Justin – Forever's Gonna Start Tonight


DeadBall is about to go mental over the NBA playoffs (this post arrives hot on the heels of David and Henyry’s – sorry, but we may as well just keep this fire burning), so I’ll just keep it brief. Plus I’m fresh off the final of Mitre 10 Dream Home, and a little shaky emotionally as a result. I have no idea how Jane Kiely held it together in those final climactic moments – I’ll put it down to her experience as a world class athlete (was it long jump? I’m not prepared to get on the googler for this one), and her time on A Game Of Two Halves where she regularly appeared as the female foil between Veitchy and Ridgey (and unenviable position for any woman, although possibly not an exclusive club).
Of all the intriguing matchups and possibilities of Round One, Sky TV NZ kindly offered us the Spurs v Mavericks game this weekend. Brief thoughts on the match itself a little later, but come on Sky – a team, who thanks to McCain & Palin I will never again take seriously, against a team that I feel guilty for wanting to win. It was worth watching just to get a taste of the occasion, but the frustration of reading about the other games of the opening round has makes me question the relevance of ATPA Tractor Pulling – and I hate myself for questioning tractor pulling.


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Deadball Awards: Biggest Fall From Grace 2008


When Tom Cruise let go of his publicist in 2004 and hired his sister in her place, he let go of the one person holding him back from tearing his carefully manicured dignity to the ground. In a matter of months the patiently crafted movie star detachment was gone, revealing a small, crazed and bizarre man standing behind the curtain. By 2005, he was jumping on Oprah’s couch declaring his undying love for Katie Holmes (I had a similar reaction after watching a particularly revealing scene in The Gift) and taking shots at the unimpeachable Brooke Shields. For our purposes, Tom Cruise’s fall from grace, and in particular its coming out party on the Oprah show, is only important in relation to the decline of another once great figure – Kevin Garnett. Continue reading


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A Pivotal Moment: Celtics vs. Cavaliers


In a previous post I compared this year’s Celtics team to a jealous girlfriend.  They were defending their title with a fiery passion, mildly irrational paranoia and with Kevin Garnett picking on younger, prettier and strangely threatening girls  (or basketball players). The clip below of Garnett taunting Jose Calderon is a compelling example:

In other words, it’s been entertaining –  just like a bitchy cat fight. But also like a cat fight, it illustrates the inherent fragility and insecurity of the instigator. In hindsight perhaps the intensity of these Celtics was less bravado and confidence and more fear and desperation. As with declining dictatorships and insecure girlfriends, the severity and number of authoritative displays are in  direct correlation with their fear of losing power.

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